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Sedona, Arizona

You’ll experience your 3-day inoculation or 1-day ceremony in the magical energy of Sedona, Arizona. World-renowned for the healing vortexes and unique red-rock formations, Sedona is a very special place to experience Kambo.  During the 3-day inoculation, you’ll work not only with fresh Kambo but also Sananga eyedrops and Rapé Snuff.  These sacred medicines are sourced directly from the Katukina and/or Yawanawa of Brazil. 

Exchange / Time: 3-day Kambo inoculations are $625.  

Signup: If you are ready to sign up for a Sedona please complete the contact form and indicate which dates you would like to come.  Please give me a few options to work with.

Accommodation: Coming from out of town? You’ll find many accommodations in Sedona (zip 86336) on AirBnB or VRBO.

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Invite me to your Spiritual Retreat

Are you organizing a retreat and considering the inclusion of Kambo?  Kambo combines well with other healing modalities and brings a spiritual cohesion to the group.  It is excellent to experience Kambo prior to Yoga, Healing Sessions, Meditation or doing Movement.   Kambo is also excellent before other natural medicines and is good friends with Ayahuasca and San Pedro. By receiving Kambo prior to their medicine, your participants will be more open and grounded and better able to receive their teachings. By including Kambo in your retreat, you’ll be offering something unique, and this can help you to distinguish yourself.  If you are interested in exploring this idea further please complete the contact form and I’ll be in touch soon.

Topanga Canyon, Simon Scott, Sedona, Meditation, Kambo, Cleanse

Arrange your own Kambo Circle

I have worked with many people around the world and enjoy traveling.  If you feel motivated why not create a Kambo circle in your area and I’ll come to you ! You’ll need a minimum of 5 people (in the US) and a minimum of 10 people (International) to cover the time and costs. You (and one other) will receive your Kambo gratis for arranging the circle. If you are interested in exploring this idea please complete the contact form and I’ll be in touch soon.

Topanga Canyon, Simon Scott, Sedona, Meditation, Kambo, Cleanse

About Simon

A little bit of my story

Simon Scott, Kambo Practitioner, Kambo, Kambo Master Practitioner, Ayurveda, Veda

Simon Scott, MA

Master Practitioner of Kambo


Medicine Carrier • NAC





Education / Career: After completing a Masters of Arts in Computer Graphics I went into the Visual Effects field, making Television Commercials and Feature Films for major studios and brands. My employment took me to all corners of the world for shoots, and I lived in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and then Los Angeles.  After being in LA for a few years I opened my open Visual Effects company with French partners MacGuff.  The company was an instant success and within a year we were winning awards and booked solid.  It was in the third year of working everyday, long hours and under a lot of stress that my health began to fail, I went down hard.  I was severely depressed and had so much stress in my body that I could hardly walk.  I decided I’d had enough and walked away from my career and my company.  

Reeducation: I was feeling lost, a huge vacuum opened up after leaving Visual Effects and I was placed squarely at its center.  The feeling of emptiness was palpable and my depression deepened.  On a strong hunch I decided on a trip to Colombia to drink a traditional medicine called Ayahuasca.  I had read that it was good for depression and helped you to ‘know yourself’. Luckily I found a guy who knew a real Shaman and so I drank my first Ayahuasca with Warinei Wanare.  It was during that period working with Warinei and his sacred medicines that I started to find clarity.  For the first time in my life I started to see my true-self through the lens of Ayahuasca, a stronger, clearer and more expansive experience of myself.  The beauty of experiencing such a high vibration (even for a short time) was clear, it simply reminded my soul what was possible.  On one of the later trips to Colombia, I was introduced to another traditional medicine called Kambo, a toxic extract from an Amazonian frog.  On a dark, stormy night in a remote Colombian farm house I received my first 11 points of this new medicine and within minutes I had passed out. Waking from a white healing space, I felt invincible and deeply cleaned. My love affair with Kambo had begun. 

Reinvention:  [more to follow]

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