Kambo Practitioners. With the growing popularity of Kambo there are now many choices of Kambo practitioner available to you, but are all Kambo practitioners create equal? Please consider the following guidelines when selecting a practitioner. These points are designed to encourage a safe, effective and beautiful experience with Kambo.

• Is the prospective Kambo Practitioner well trained?  Practitioners in the Amazon are often trained from an early age and have a deep respect for Kambo, if you have access to such a person, you’ll be in good hands. Elsewhere many of us don’t have the luxury of traveling to South America and so its best to look for a practitioner who has received good local training.  Two such organizations are the KAKP (Katukina Approved Kambo Providers) and the IAKP (International Association of Kambo Practitioners).  Both organizations are dedicated to the safety and ethics of giving Kambo.  

Consult those that went before you !  Consider asking the practitioner to provide testimonials. Contact those that went before you to see how they liked their experience.  Ask lots of questions.

• Ask them how long they have been giving Kambo !  Find your comfort level, are you more likely to relax and trust the process with an experienced practitioner?

• Ask them to share with you their story and why they have chosen to work with Kambo.  Listen carefully to their story, are they working from a place of sincerity? Are they in alignment with your own values ?

Do they require the drinking of water before the Kambo?  Some practitioners are offering Kambo without the requirement of first drinking 1.5L of water. Please consider that few tribal people use Kambo without first drinking either 1.5L or water or a fermented manioc drink. The liquids consumed before Kambo balance the fire of the medicine . Not drinking it before Kambo is taking an unnecessary risk.

• Do they use the traditional application method of superficial burns? Some practitioners have been injecting Kambo under the skin in an attempt to avoid scarring. This is dangerous and non-traditional and should under no circumstances be tried; once Kambo is injected it cannot be removed, with the surface application the Kambo can be wiped off, the area washed and the effects will wind down soon after.   If you at all concerned about scarring please consider applying Aloe Vera or Calendula creme which will quickly minimize any scarring.

• Are you very sensitive or is it your first time with the practitioner?  Ask for a single test point of Kambo.  Wait for 10 minutes and see how your reaction is to the Kambo medicine.  Establishing the correct amount of Kambo for you is one of the most important aspects of the Practitioners role. Some people only need a single point and therefore its best to start with less and build up if you have not already established your tolerance.

• Do they minimize your suffering?  By removing your Kambo at the first sign of a colored purge, much unnecessary suffering can be avoided.  This is traditional with the Yawanawa for instance.  If you don’t purge after 10-15 minutes then you should be instructed to induce the vomiting with your fingers. Again this is traditional.  Please check out this short film in which the Yawanawa Kambo practitioner comes by after my first purge; it’s hard to see but he’s rubbing the Kambo off my arm and cleaning it with water.

Is the location conducive to Kambo?  When you are considering where to work, please think about the noise levels of the surrounding city, cars, sirens, leaf-blowers etc… While working with Kambo you may become overly sensitive to noises. The best environments are natural, else at least be surrounded by plants.  A quiet place is beneficial because it’s best to rest afterward and recover.  There are great insights to be had after Kambo and its nice to be in a supportive place where you can rest, receive and reflect.

Best wishes for a beautiful Kambo ceremony.


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