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Katukina Approved Kambo Provider

A traditional training in the art of Kambô, Rapé and Sananga

With a rich history, stretching back generations, the Katukina are considered masters of Kambô. The Katukina believe that their tribe would not have survived without Kambô. Kambô is a very important part of their tribal culture and one which they intend to protect through the correct initiation and training of Kambô providers.

The modern attitudes and ideas taught by others with regards to Kambô are to them hard for them to condone. They believe that Kambô has been highjacked by those “who do not understand”, and that those people are like “children playing with fire”.  The KAKP training then, is direct response to the misguided use of Kambô being taught by other organizations.

During our training time together,  the Katukina will take us on a deep journey with Kambo, Sananga and Rapé. There will be no textbooks, tests or any Western overlay, there will be only be a deep prayer with the medicines. Our main guidance will come from the Spirit of the Kambô.

During our time together you will receive much Kambô, Sananga and Rapé from the Katukina. You will also learn give Kambô, Sananga and Rapé to others in the traditional way.  Expect to receive prayers and guidance on connecting with the medicines and the people you are working with. You will receive the blessings on the Paje Kaku (Shaman) of the Katukina for your ongoing work with Kambô.

For those who have filled out the contact form (above right), we will soon be sending out an in-depth application form.  The applications will be translated into Portuguese and the Katukina Paje Kaku and his team will choose those who will most benefit from the training.  If you do not make the selection, please consider reapplying based on the feedback you receive.

Session1, Group 1: TBA, 2017 – 14 places
Session 1, Group 2: TBA, 2017 – 14 places
Katukina: Fernando Katukina, (Kapy-ijo Noke kui), Francisca (Vot Nawa), Paje Kaku
In support: Simon Scott, Giovanni Lattanzi (tentative)
Anthropologist/Translator: Milton Narvaez
Location of Session 1: Tepozlan, Mexico (tentative)

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