Katukina Approved

Kambo Provider

A traditional training in the art of

Kambô, Rapé and Sananga

The KAKP Kambo Provider Training is a transmission in the art of Kambô, Rapé and Sananga. With a rich history, stretching back generations, the Katukina are considered masters of Kambô. The Katukina believe that their tribe would not have survived without Kambô. Kambô is a very important part of their tribal culture and one which they intend to protect through the correct initiation and training of KAKP Kambô providers.

The Katukina approached me to form this traditional training and we have decided to offer this training in two distinct parts.  The second part will be optional, but I imagine most people will eventually want to take the second part in Brazil, where they can connect with the tribe and the Kambo frog directly.

The first week will be held in the United States, in the Gila wilderness, NM.  There is a wonderful Hot Springs where we can camp and take this journey together. This part of the course will be taught by Simon Scott of Kambo Cleanse and will be the prerequisite to traveling to the tribe for the second more advanced part.

During our time together you will learn give Kambô, Sananga and Rapé to others in the traditional way.  You will receive much Kambô, Sananga and Rapé and leave with enough knowledge to begin working with others.  I expect you’ll wish to work for a few months on yourself and with others before taking the second part.

The advanced training will be conducted by the Katukina. The Katukina will take us on a deep journey with Kambo, Sananga and Rapé. There will be no textbooks, tests or any Western overlay, there will be only be a deep prayer with the medicines. Our main guidance will come from the Spirit of the Kambô.  Expect to receive prayers and guidance on connecting with the medicines and the people you are working with. You will receive the blessings on the Paje Kaku (Shaman) of the Katukina for your ongoing work with Kambô.

If you are ready to apply, please fillout the survey / application.  This document is designed to a/ get to know you b/ design the best Kambo Provider training for your personal needs c/ accomodate your practical needs.

Please be as verbose as you wish in answering the essay questions and feel free to tell me exactly what you want from your Kambo Provider Training.

Haux – Simon Scott

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