In this interview Ginny Rutherford and myself were blessed to speak with Dr. Pat of Transformational Radio.  Dr. Pat is a leader in bringing conscious radio to air, her show has been running for 13 years.  During the show we discuss what is Kambo, how it helps peoples transformations and how it can be experienced at our US and Brazilian retreats.

About Transformation Radio: Transformation.FM is a powerful online radio community that has a little something for everyone. We feature an incredible variety of focused, specialized channels that bring you the best information and connect you with the leading-edge experts in science, medicine, energy, psychology, health, various genres of spirituality, love, relationships, women, and human potential! Tranformation.FM is also a community full of support, first-hand information and advice ready to get you in touch with others in your area of interest and expose you to a whole new world of topics and information. Our member programs can help you be the very first to know about upcoming guests, giveaways, special event opportunities and so much more! The Transformation.FM mission starts with you and continues to bring together the most supportive and inspiring internet radio community to help you and others around the globe live your best life possible!

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transformation talk radio on air The Transformation Network and Transformation Radio provide complete production, delivery and on-demand archive delivery for Transformation Talk Radio hosts. At the center of this offering is Internet and Live On-Air technologies that provide show hosts with instant broadcasting capabilities from their own websites and with instant syndication through affiliate sites. In addition, we assist in the creation of sponsorship, advertising and advanced distribution models for The Transformation Network platform for positive change.


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