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  • Please choose a date from those listed and let me know your first and second preference. Also please tell me a little about why you would like to work with Kambo. Thank you.
  • Please note that Kambô is not for you if you have or have had any of the following conditions: (This is not an exhaustive list.) • Stroke • Heart bypass surgery • Enlarged heart • Implanted cardioverter defibrillators • Pericardial effusion • Congestive heart disease • Excess fluid in the heart sack • Heart valve replacement surgery • Organ transplant • Blood clots • Serious mental health conditions • Seriously low blood pressure that requires medication • The first two trimesters of pregnancy


Complete your 

3-day Kambo ‘Inoculation’

in Sedona, AZ 

May 26th- 28th (full)
June 2nd – 4th (1 place remains)
June 9th – 11th (full)
June 16th – 18th (4 places remain)
July 15th – 17th (available)
July 29th – 31st (4 places remain)
August – Kambo Retreat – Big Island, Hawaii – ASK!
Sept 1st – 3rd (available)
Sept 8th – 10th (available)

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