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Tips for working with Kambo

Whether you are working in the steamy jungles of Brazil or the cooler climates of the U.S there are several tips that will improve your Kambo experience. • Have an empty stomach and be free from stimulants. For eight hours prior to Kambo please do not eat anything and...

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Giovanni Lattanzi writes about Kambo

Kambô: Scientific Research and Healing Treatments - by Giovanni Lattanzi ‘Kambô’, ‘campu’, ‘sapo’, ‘vacino da floresta.’ These are all names for the waxy secretion of a tree frog living in the northwestern part of the Amazon rainforest (in Colombia and on the border...

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Kambo and the Matses Tribe

Presented here is a wonderful article by photographer and journalist Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak.  By supporting Swiatoslaw and the Matses you help to promote the sustainable collection of Kambo, the Matses culture and the work of Swiatoslaw.  One word of caution: If you do...

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The True Nature of Kambo

KAMBO  Cleansing -> Healing -> Rebirth Kambo reminds us of the common bonds with all life, a master of alchemy. Kambo systematically removes the blocks to Spirit. Kambo does this by purifying our personal distortions, impurities found on all five layers of our...

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Kambo on my Mind

Listen to Peter Gorman, award-winning investigative journalist and author of Ayahuasca in My Blood and Sapo in My Soul, as he talks with Rak Razam about indigenous shamanic medicine (ordeal medicines) and the rise of shamanism in the West. Gorman first drank the...

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A Kambo Frog Sweating Poison

Here we see a fine specimen, a Phyllomedusa Bicolor, also known as blue-and-yellow frog, bicoloured tree-frog, giant monkey frog, giant leaf frog, waxy-monkey tree frog or Kambo!  When Kambo feels threatened it will sweat poison from its body, legs and head. It is...

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Kambo’s Kiss by Rak Razam

Experiential journalist Rak Razam experiences the "kiss of the kambo", the Brazilian Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog which secretes the most powerful toxin in the Amazon rainforest. Used by indigenous peoples throughout Peru and Brazil as a purgative, the poison of the frog...

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The Call of Kambo

During my time at the 2014 Yawanawa Festival in Acre Brazil I was fortunate enough to first hear Kambo's Call. After meeting Tepum one of the local Kambo practitioners, a man with an intimate knowledge of the jungle and of the Kambo frog we set off into the Jungle. Of...

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The Search for Kambo

Sitting in Tepum's modest jungle house, we sipped weak coffee and ate crackers. My friends Eduardo and Murilo translated as we discussed the possibility of catching a Kapum frog. Kambo as it's known here in the west is a traditional medicine of the Yawanawa people of...

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Kambo’s Blog is for articles, videos and interviews about the shamanic medicine Kambo. If you have landed here after a google search please explore the rest of Kambo Cleanse I think you’ll find it very interesting. If you find any of the posts from Kambo’s Blog informative please share them on Facebook or your personal webpage, I have written them or collected them so that we can pass around good information on Kambo. There is much mis-information about Kambo, the traditional Amazonian medicine, so please help to create a more balanced view by distributing these articles.


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