During my time at the 2014 Yawanawa Festival in Acre Brazil I was fortunate enough to first hear Kambo’s Call. After meeting Tepum one of the local Kambo practitioners, a man with an intimate knowledge of the jungle and of the Kambo frog we set off into the Jungle.

Of course in order to use the Kambo medicine, they have to catch the Kambo frog and extract some, no easy task unless you speak ‘frog’.  Tepum graduated that class and demonstrated how quickly he could locate a Kambo by using a call and answer tactic.  Basically he imitates Kambo’s call (or croak), waits for an answer and then moves in the direction of the call.  After several calls, he’ll find himself under a tree with the Kambo high above.  Then the real fun begins.

The Yawanawa consider the Kambo a medicine and part of their arsenal of natural remedies against all kinds of Panema, or those things blocking them from their higher purpose.  Panema is considered to affect people physically, mentally and spiritually, Kambo along with Rapé, Sananga and Uni (Ayahuasca) are all used to clear Panema and open the pathways to higher consciousness.

The Yawanawa exist in the the Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world – a giant river basin covering 1.7 billion acres and including thousands of rivers. It spans nine countries in total, although around 60% is in Brazil.  They have lived on their land for centuries and their way of life is developed from their ancestors. They live close to nature and get their food, housing and virtually everything they need from the rainforests.

The rainforest is also their pharmacy. Their spiritual leaders are known as ‘doctors of the rainforest’. They know the powers of the medicinal herbs and plants. From tree bark to frog poison (kambo) they have everything they need for their health and wellbeing, the forest is a magical place for them.  Please feel free to read more about the Yawanawa.


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