In this video, we see the Katukina working with Kambo in the traditional way.  The medicine is collected from the Kambo frogs, placed on sticks (that’s usually for later use or for sale) or wiped off the frog directly onto the skin after opening with an ember vine.  Some of these men are taking large numbers of points, but they are probably more used to it than us Westerners.  They drink a fermented Manioc drink prior to Kambo (here in the West, we usually go with water).  The process though is similar, wherever you decide to take Kambo, the body reacts to the medicine and quickly and soon you find yourself purging (shaking, vomiting, sweating, emoting or using the bathroom).  Recovery is quick and many people derive great benefits from this traditional ritual.  Although the hunters in the jungle are concerned more with Malaria protection and removal of bad luck from their hunts,  Kambo serves us city folks well also, removing self-defeating thought patterns and toxins which are usually creating a malaise or in some cases illness.



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