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Tribal Kuripe Pipes

a collection of traditional pipes for working with rapé


The Kuripe is a special tool for giving yourself rapé.  They are designed to be filled with rapé, one end placed in the mouth, one end in the nose.  By blowing the rapé is blown up into the nasal cavity and not drawn into the lungs.  This is the traditional way rapé is self-administered.  As with a Tepi, the device used to give others rapé, it is possible to use different types of delivery.

Kuripes come in many shapes and sizes.  The tribes often make them from natural materials such as bamboo, wood or bone.  They can be very simple and practical or highly worked and ceremonial in nature.  Most tribesman that I have met will always carry some rapé and a kuripe.

The Katukina tribe talk about three kinds of delivery, the turtle, the deer, and the hummingbird.  The turtle is the most gentle, the deer stronger and the hummingbird thew strongest.  Receiving a hummingbird delivery from one of the Katukina shamans usually results in heavy purging.

It is good to experiment with delivery depending on your needs.  You will likely find that a turtle delivered at the right time and with the right circumstances can be every bit as powerful as a hummingbird.  It all depends on the energies you find yourself working with!

Traditionally rapé is used for sending prayers and to help establish a strong, grounded connection to everything.  Generally, it will begin by cleaning us, helping us to remove blocked and stagnant energies.  Then later it opens and grounds, helping us and to come to greater understanding.  It is during this time that it is very good to meditate or pray with rapé.


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