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Sananga Eye Drops


A powerful new way to

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Listen, when you said “Extra Strong Sananga” I though okay… Because you see it all the time being called strong… But good God. These things caught me off guard. I couldn’t function for at least six minutes after administering them. I couldn’t even think. These things are astounding and I will be buying again. I never really take the time to contact a company about their products but kudos to you on this one. Absolutely amazing job ripping my eyeballs out of my skull and swinging them by the tendrils. Thanks so much it’s an amazing experience.

Charles Bradley Owens

I have Lyme and my vision was failing.  Since I have been taking Sananga I am down to my weak ” readers”.   I cannot believe the difference in my vision.  I am taking the Katukina • Davi twice a day, before meditation in the morning and before bed…. I would almost fall right to sleep and had very vivid and amazing dreams. With Lyme quite often I cannot sleep so this is a lifesaver. 🙏💓

Patricia Prosje

I have found Sananga Eye Drops to be a remarkably powerful tool that can be used to gain profound insight from within oneself, and furthermore, it can also allow for a better understanding of, and grasp on the spiritual realm. More specifically, I have found through personal experience that Sananga is an extremely helpful plant healer that can be used to draw negative emotions to the surface so that one can process them and heal. I have had a long history of depression due to trauma in my youth and adolescence. I have enlisted in the help of many Amazonian plant medicines over the last several years in order to address my condition as fully as possible. Sananga was able to allow me to relive some of the emotions that I had buried deep within me. It gave me a sense of psychological clarity that I had not experienced to that extent in quite some time. Additionally, it also improved my eyesight considerably, which was a benefit that I did not even fully expect. All in all, Sananga is a beautiful medicine that is capable of many things, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Ryan Bas

Thank you! SanangaEye Drops have been such a gift and a blessing. I feel the Sananga working deeply to remove old stagnant energy, almost like electric surgery through my eyes. Powerful, yet profoundly peaceful, I find myself resting in a place of perfect peace after my Sananga session. The results on my eyesight have made some improvement. I’ve been wearing glasses for years, some fine details have returned. I can see the different blade of grass and leaves in the trees. I feel like I still have a ways to go with the eyesight, but the improvement is noticeable. I am also more grounded and clear.

Mark McCudden

Sananga Eye Drops have benefited my health, vision, and spirit. On days when I use Sananga, I feel calm, focused and have much clarity. The day feels easy. I have much more willpower and stay strong for days after. Sananga makes my eyes feel clean. I feel closer to the Earth. I have much love for Sananga!

Rob Wheeler

Initially, I wrote Sananga Eye Drops off as a really good eye wash…boy, was I wrong…I didn’t realize that there was a spiritual aspect to Sananga until I used it during meditation. Once the initial discomfort passed, I had the most amazing experience…I felt a shift in awareness while at the same time I had without effort slipped into the deepest meditation that was beyond peaceful, the best way for me to explain it is, I felt a deep sense of being Nurtured, loved and protected and given a tremendous amount of insight into some challenges that I had been facing. The experience was so warm and soothing. Prior to trying the Sananga from Shamanic Supply, I had never considered it as a tool for a deeper spiritual connection…And now the tables have turned…I now look forward to using this product as it has a profound impact on my tri-being (mind, body, and )…I truly appreciate the impact that Sananga has had on my evolutionary development and the uncanny insight that I now have each time I use this product…I have definitely gained a new appreciation and respect for this product, it is absolutely amazing!

Lyn Coleman

Initially, I considered Sananga eye drops for the healing of my myopic eyes. Even though my myopia is not much improved, I have experienced more spiritual healing than I could have believed possible prior to my relationship with Sananga. After only the second time of using Sananga eye drops, I felt compelled to use it regularly. Prior to using Sananga eye drops, I was experiencing intense mental turmoil over misunderstandings in my relationships. After I received my Sananga and started working with it, the pain I experienced during my sessions brought me into its crucible, and there, the confusion I felt burned away to reveal the heart of each matter: my heart. After, nothing remained except forgiveness, understanding, and love for those I felt had done me wrong. On another occasion of working with Sananga eye drops, I was not feeling so chaotic inside. The Sananga medicine connected me to the sexual trauma that is trapped in my body. By surrendering to the sacred energies (pain) of my Sananga experience, I could feel and integrate some of the latent trauma, thus reducing it. After ten months of self-administering Sananga each week, and daily for the past month, I feel more able to relax into being myself, clearer in my analysis of myself, and more connected to my heart and source of power. What a gift. Thank you to Sananga for making this healing possible for me. <3

Rebecca Schmidt

I am a professional shooter and a Spiritual Seeker. I have been using Sananga Eye Drops for years, more specifically, I have been using Simon’s Sananga for years. In my experience, I have found that Sananga helps to decalcify my aging eyes and to align my spiritual energy with my mental and physical presence. It has helped me to perform at the top level in shooting competitions and remain silent and clear of thought in my meditations. Sananga has truly been a blessing and a miracle for me. I am very grateful.

Jason Crawford

I have been using Sananga Eye Drops since I attended my first Kambo ceremony with Simon in October. Sananga is a beautiful gift from Mother Nature by way of the Amazonian tribes. After arriving home Sananga helped me to continue my spiritual work. Sananga has brought me clarity in many ways. Sananga has helped me to heal astigmatism in my right eye, as well as improving my night vision. Other things I have noticed, my floaters are almost nonexistent, my mind and heart are calm and quiet. I am forever grateful to Sananga and use it with the utmost respect. Namaste

Candace Walton

Sananga Eye Drops are a special medicine for which I am grateful. Sananga has the amazing ability to heal the eyes and the soul. Each time I use it, I feel as if my heart has been purified of any worry or fear and I am able to relax in knowingness. Sananga speaks to me in a very loving and healing way. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated each time I use Sananga.


I am a grateful fan of the incredible Sananga Eye Drops which I source it from Master Kambo Provider Simon Scott. The latest batch I got from him is the most potent I have ever experienced. I was introduced to this medicine back in 2014, and am currently on my fourth one month course participating with it once a day. In my experience, Sananga works to shift or transmute Panema (darkness) and it helps to disarm my visually triggered PTSD. If you’d like to hear more about my experience click here.

Neil Levenson

Sananga Eye Drops plant medicine is powerful. For me, with my already good vision I experienced improved color perception, depth perception, and overall more vivid eyesight, it is beautiful. Sananga has become meditative, as I learn to accept the moment and breathe through the discomfort. After my first 30 days, I missed my nightly sessions with Sananga. I’m blessed to have Simon Scott in my life, he has opened a whole new world of healing and love that was much needed.

Katy Rickman

My first experience with Sananga Eye Drops was in preparation for Kambo. I was immediately aware of a clarity and deeper calmness that I experienced as the Sananga medicine imprinted on me. I took some home after that introduction and began my own morning ritual with Sananga. I find I have more presence, awareness, and insight when I include Sananga in my day!

Anne Perry

I’ve been getting my Sananga from Simon for about a year now and I find it to be excellent quality. I find Sananga to be extremely powerful at moving deep-rooted negative emotions. I’ll take a single drop in each eye 2 days in a row on the weekend. Then a few days later, I begin to feel deep emotions start to surface that I didn’t know were there, which I’ll sit with and release. It seems to shake things loose. I tend to be careful when I choose to work with the medicine, for example, I only do it when things are calm in my life and there aren’t too many demands on me. It can bring up some dark stuff for release including depressive feelings until I’m able to emotionally release them. Afterward, I feel a shift in my being, I feel lighter, more grounded and more intuitive. I would highly recommend giving this medicine a try if you are interested in cleansing your energetic and emotional bodies. Works for me.

Jared Kennefick

My Sananga story starts with a trip to the optometrist. I used to wear glasses but my eyes otherwise never really gave me any issues to speak of. The day after my appointment I developed near constant eyelid twitching. Then a few days later I started to see patches of white light through my left eye. Then one day I woke up one day I was literally seeing double. When I looked just through my left eye there was a big black patch that would almost totally obscure whatever I was looking at. I used various herbal remedies which helped manage the symptoms but did not cure them. I was getting scared. It’s then that I turned to Sananga. Within 2 days of using my Sananga eyedrops, I knew that this they were the solution. I no longer require my glasses for distance either. I asked herbalist Matthew Wood about Sananga and he had never heard of the plant…most herbalists it the West don’t know anything about it. He told me that it is in the Apocynaceae family. Matthew has said about Apocynum androsaemifolium, after unintentionally smearing some of the sap in his eyes, that its motto is “I’ll never be the same again” and I feel that the same can be said of Sananga.

Victor Cirone

I’ve just finished a six-week cycle of Sananga eyedrops, an absolutely fascinating and heart opening experience. It is true that one must check in with the medicine before application in order to benefit from the practice. It’s also accurate to say that the burning sensation, which is very real, is inversely correlated with one’s presence with the medicine. Needless to say, first thing in the morning is best. I noticed results within myself, with my family and with my work, in day one, and I continue to have that experience over a week after no longer taking them on a daily basis. I’m already looking forward to my next cycle of Sananga eyedrops, and will definitely incorporate this practice in to my annual flow.

Mai Keyoban

Sananga Eye Drops have been a supreme blessing in my life.

Nick Del Giudice

I have been using SanangaEye Drops periodically for a year and a half now. The more often I use Sananga, the more respect I have for it. If I don’t use it for a few days my eyes can feel “dirty”, Sananga cleans them out well, along with the sinuses. I have noticed an improvement in my vision, and I’m expecting a slightly weaker prescription at my next exam because my glasses are now seeming too strong.  My favorite aspect of Sananga is how calming it is to my mind, it is now one of my favorite plant medicines.

Ryan Grove

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