There is a love story here. I was surprised by it too.

From the moment I first saw Simon’s face, the kindness and depth in his eyes, his calm demeanor, I knew that not only was I safe but that I had made the right decision to travel such distance in order to find him. Grounded in earned wisdom, natural compassion and years of honed skill and knowing, Simon’s ability to hold healing space in both seen and unseen ways is supported and surpassed only by his relationship with the spirit of Kambo. This intelligent and potent medicine has clearly chosen Simon as its Keeper. There is something of the healer that is imparted in the giving of Kambo to facilitate both the experience and the outcome. Simon shares from his big, generous and gentle heart.

I feel different. I am different. My life has synchronistically altered to reflect all that has opened and continues to evolve inside me. The emptiness I have carried for so very long is now felt as space permeated by air thick with grace and possibility. The chronic, long-standing grief has been lifted. My heart is both full and light. I simply showed up with the cautious hope that perhaps some of the weight might be left behind. Little did I know that I would be given so much more.

The initial euphoria was accompanied by a vision of my life in stunning clarity with a sense of urgency and direction. The beauty of all things whispering to me that it is not too late. It is not too late to live what matters most. I remember now and have been remembered. And that is the gift and the work of it.

There is a love story here. I was surprised by it too. As with all noble tales, it asks much of you and never ends. Kambo led me to traverse the arduously protracted distance between my head and my heart to fall in love with myself and my life. The only appropriate response is to fall on my knees in gratitude. And so I do. Thank you, Kambo. Thank you, Simon. From my heart to yours.

Joyce Burns

My husband is even considering doing Kambo after seeing my results.

I arrived back home two days ago after experiencing a 3 day Kambo Cleanse with Simon Scott.  Words can’t describe the life-changing experience that it was. I felt positive effects right away and the benefits are continuing to unfold. The first thing I felt was the blanket of peace that surrounded me on day one. The next day my energy increased and the overwhelming feeling of dread, depression, and heartache vanished. On a physical level, I’ve had an addiction to diet coke. Since I’ve done Kambo, diet coke now tastes disgusting, I don’t crave it and I now only want to buy water, tea or anything citrus.

I knew the biggest test would be when I got home and around my usual chaos and stress. I was tested right away. We celebrated my middle daughters birthday and I was going to have to be around my mother-in-law for the celebration. The last time we communicated it was ugly, I expressed my anger towards her and we haven’t spoken since. We have had a long-standing dislike for each other and our times together are always strained, and uncomfortable. I’m happy to say that the peace from Kambo carried over nicely. I was able to be around my mother in law, give her a hug and make pleasant conversation without any ill feelings at all. I could tell my mother in law was uncomfortable and cold, but I felt peaceful and OK with everything between us.

There are other things I could mention, but those are the things that are the greatest on my mind right now. I can tell Kambo will have lasting effects and I’m excited to watch them unfold. My husband is even considering doing Kambo after seeing my results.

As for Simon Scott, I can’t say enough good things. He is warm, welcoming, does a great job of giving instruction and ensuring the well-being of all of the participants. It’s evident that he cares and has a genuine desire to help people.

Thank you, Simon, for everything!

Christy Evers

Blogger, Travel Writer & Photographer

Kambo has given me something, not what I thought I was asking for, but something better.  Kambo has lightened me up!!

I am laughing at myself. And not in a bitter or laughing-just-to-keep-from-crying way, but with genuine affection. The experience of taking the medicine wasn’t that bad.  Simon is a gifted facilitator and a reassuring presence. The anticipation was worse than the ordeal. The purging was pretty easy. I got a severe headache after the first day, but Simon gave me some Aspen bark on the second day and that cleared it up.

One thing that I was asking this medicine for was to help me progress faster and easier on the guitar. I picked up a guitar for the first time in my forties, because I felt called to in an Ayahuasca ceremony a couple years back. I’ve been practicing diligently and getting frustrated because it’s hard and I’m not progressing as fast as I would like. I thought I would take Kambo and it would clear my mind and I’d receive the muse and immediately play better, learn with less struggle, etc. When I got home I was greatly disappointed to find I did not become a musical prodigy overnight.

Today I was practicing again and it was still hard. Then a message started percolating in: I’m SO hard on myself, so goal oriented, making everything a to-do list. When I try to play, I turn it into work. When I try to self-nurture, I turn that into work too. All the time I brace for impact as I put myself through the next test: Kambo, Ayahuasca, work, travel, playing guitar and singing for people.

Oh my God! It’s not a test! It’s just playing, or offering. If a small child offers you a flower or a drawing, do you judge it? Neither do I have to do that to myself. Then I went back to the guitar with this feeling and it was easier.  Then I started laughing at how hard I make everything, and I don’t have to.

Elaine Harvey

Spanish Interpreter, Arizona Translation Services, LLC

My mood has improved significantly and I have found that my stress is easier to deal with.

I had heard about Kambo a few years ago and decided to try it out mostly out of curiosity. I have had some good experiences with other plant medicines, and thought I would give it a shot.  Leading up to my Kambo experience I had a lot of stress from work and started to feel burnt out. I was tired all the time and my mood was off as a result.

I came into Kambo with no expectations at all. But after the first treatment I noticed that the burnout had faded tremendously and today, after three treatment I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. Furthermore, my mood has improved significantly. I have found my stress is easier to deal with, my mood has improved a lot. I feel much more relaxed and just happy. Stress is a killer, for months I felt sick and tired. I wasn’t sleeping well, and even when I did sleep no amount of coffee could cut through the fog. All of that is gone.

On the physical side I lost 7lbs during my Kambo experience. Also my performance in the gym improved a pretty decent amount. I am a weightlifter and this week I am my all time strongest post Kambo.

Now all these gifts from Kambo are great, but Simon made the whole experience. He’s an awesome guy and a phenomenal healer. I’m really happy that I made the leap to go out to Sedona!

Alex Marlier

Kambo is a cathartic and life changing experience.

My sacred Kambo medicine cleared out bad energies that had been causing me emotional discord for years.

Kambo brought me self realization and harmony.  Since my ceremony, synchronicity has played a huge part in my daily life.

I am present and I am mindful, and I recommend a Kambo Cleanse to anyone who’s is suffering from disharmony.

Kimi Kreske

In my mind, I was expecting that feeling of fear and dread.  It wasn’t there. 

It has been three weeks since I had my Kambo experience.  I will admit when I left you, I was trying to be positive.  I wanted it to work.  I just felt it was hopeless.  After my last Kambo session I was experiencing  no improvement, but then at  2am the next morning I woke up, and in my mind, I was expecting that feeling of fear and dread.  It wasn’t there.  I just laid in bed expecting it.  I can’t tell you how good that felt.  No fear.

I got out of bed and went out onto the back patio of my B&B.  I had not done that and I would not have done that.  I looked up at the amazing sky of Arizona. Everything was bright. It was really amazing.  It was freeing.

After a bit, I will admit I started having some anxiety and feeling stressed. But, not fearful.   I have awakened every day since without the fear.  I can do things I couldn’t have or wouldn’t  have enjoyed.  I couldn’t relax in a nice hot bath.  I hated going in the shower enclosure. I would lie paralyzed in bed for hours if I woke up really early.  So many things I was afraid of inside, but I never knew why. I still don’t know why. I just know I can do it now.

I still have anxiety issues.  I will admit it is still a struggle in so many areas. It’s Just not the fear.  I have started taking the rapé snuff you recommended and I never thought I would like that.  I use it occasionally through the day and I feel more alert and oddly centered.

I have also been taking the herbal tincture you made, the Anemone Tuberosa.  The first couple  of weeks of taking the Anemone, I was experimenting.  Yes, it is a strong medicine as you said.  It is Amazing.

I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding while I’m learning about the Kambo.  Also, a new way of life.


Kambo was a challenging, yet incredible experience that completely changed the trajectory of my life.

Last summer I made a commitment that I would do whatever it took to overcome some self-sabotaging behaviors. I wanted to do a cleanse, change my diet, and improve my health. Someone told me about Kambo and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It must have been time. I decided to sign up for a 3-day inoculation.

Simon and his team were so kind and gentle and compassionate with all of us. I felt an amazing connection to my group as well. The experience itself is challenging but it goes by really fast. I noticed that if I held an intention for clearing something that morning my body and spirit would release it in the ceremony. I felt like I moved years of stuck emotions and stale memories that had been holding me back. By the time I headed home three days later I felt energized, clear, focused, and empowered.

The thing I am noticing now almost five months later is how much stronger I am in my personal sovereignty. Since I returned home I have accomplished goals I had been dreaming of for many years. It feels like a huge weight has lifted. I would never let life blow me around like I did before. I am solid and grounded and much more authentic and in alignment with source.

I am incredibly grateful for this profound medicine and the wonderful work of Simon Scott.

Kate Fitzpatrick OLeary

Mental Health Counselor

Kambo went beyond ALL my expectations, projections and perceptions

One month ago, I was lamenting to my Ayurvedic Counselor/Jyotish about how stuck I was feeling, how I was not clear on the next direction in my life, how foggy and heavy I was feeling physically mentally and spiritually. She , without missing a beat said, “go see my friend Simon in Sedona- he works with Kambo, it will be good for you”. I had not heard of this medicine yet, but had been longing to get back out to Sedona since moving from there many years ago…Like I need an excuse to get back there! I made contact, signed up and then read the website. Some things we inherently know are good for us! Lo and behold, I began to read the benefits of receiving the medicine and immediately identified my present situation to something that would be helped by doing the cleanse. When I read about the other traditional usage , for clearing the “panema” , the negative force that builds up around us, the depression, I was mentally already on the plane and there.  I won’t take up more space here than to say, Kambo went beyond ALL my expectations, projections and perceptions.. this is an AMAZING gift. Simon is a total master with his passion and caring and attendance to ritual and tradition that means A LOT to me. I had no idea what to expect- I tried not to read too many accounts beforehand so I would my own experience to judge by but of course, it took me the three days to get “the point” so to speak! I had a lot of sticky, old, dark , heavy stories going thru my head and body that I was not either aware of or refused to look at anymore but they were still holding me down and back. It has been only 5 days now since I completed day 3, and I believe the medicine is still getting stronger cleaning out my trash! I am sitting here today back in cold NH, but my heart is more open, my love for myself and for humanity is stronger and more REAL. My bodywork sessions today were at a higher level than before.. I just feel DIFFERENT- lighter, more clear and …. dare I say it,,, HAPPY!! Thanks so much Simon and that cute green frog…whose medicine knows EXACTLY where to go and how to flow.

Anne Perry

Healer / Massage Therapist

People travel from all over the world to work with Simon for good reason.

I’ve studied bodybuilding and powerlifting for around 6 months, and I tried Kambo with Simon along with two of my other good friends. The day before my ceremony, I failed on my heavy set of 315 lbs for 1 repetition on my squat. The next day after my Kambo ceremony I was feeling chipper and full of energy. I came in and without changing anything, I was able to squat 335 lbs for ten repetitions without a single problem. My powerlifting friends had never seen such a sudden increase in strength after two days. Normally, personal records increase by around 5-10 lbs at a time. A 20 lbs increase doing ten repetitions is unheard of in the sport.

Since working with Simon, I have completed a three day retreat with him and met some of the most wonderful people around, who are on a similar path with me regarding various plant medicines and other entrepreneurial and creative goals. People travel from all over the world to work with Simon for good reason: he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Ben Junya

I am much more anchored to the present moment.

The moment I met Simon I knew I had made the right decision. His presence is deeply grounded and his essence reminds me of a wise tree spirit with roots that run deep.

I knew Kambo had chosen me long ago and was waiting for me to arrive.  My 3-day Kambo ceremony was very nostalgic and has taken a transformational remembrance of what is already inside me.  I am much more anchored to the present moment and I can still feel Kambo with me.  I have much love & gratitude for Kambo.

Should you be called to work with Kambo & receive it in the best set and setting possible, Master Practitioner Simon Scott can hold the space gracefully.

David Evans

My experience with the Kambo medicine has been so profound.

I was not at all sure of what to expect of this strange frog medicine, but something called me to join the 3-day adventure with Simon in Topanga Canyon to seek clarity and renewal.

Upon arriving to the site, Simon immediately eased my mind aswirl with fears and doubts with his warmth and quiet confidence. Through the 3-day ceremony I found it difficult to mentally comprehend what magical things were transpiring, but Simon assured me that it might be best not to try to put into words the experience, so I let go and surrendered to the flow to see what would happen in the coming days.

Returning from the cleanse, I had to jump right back into my very hectic life. I had just begun a new, very emotionally and time
demanding job just two weeks before Kambo, and I was hoping that the medicine would help me through this challenging transition. To my surprise, Kambo gifted more than I had expected. Yes, I definitely felt physically stronger and more balanced, I noticed that I listened to my body more when deciding what to eat, and I no longer crave sugar and refined starches, but what’s more remarkable are the changes on the inner plane. I find myself speaking from my heart more openly and honestly, not second guessing myself due to how people might receive me – I’ve become less apologetic about my life and what I am inspired to do, but without being a jerk or coming from a place of wanting to hurt anyone. I feel way more in tune with the flow and thus feel so much more confident in the decisions I make in the moment. I am less afraid of “making mistakes.” After a few weeks, I realized that my new job was not the only transition I was in the midst of. I was able to let go of a long standing relationship I had with a school that was no longer serving my expansion, and was finally able to move on to seek another teacher. This was HUGE for me–I didn’t even realize that it had been a hinderance to my growth and that I had been holding on to it due to sentiments of duty, obligation and responsibility, and no longer for the reasons of passion and personal growth.

My experience with this medicine has been so profound that I have shared my story with some of my own students, and some of them are now planning their own Kambo adventure! I look forward to what their healing has to bring into their lives.

Deepest gratitude and love.

Jane Shin

Teacher & Student

I left the ceremony walking on clouds and centered in a way I have never felt.

This week I spent time in Topanga California and had the most beautiful experience doing a Kambo cleanse. Simon, the Kambo Practitioner, is extremely friendly and made for the most loving and welcoming host. He made my experience as easy and enjoyable as imaginable. I left the ceremony walking on clouds and centered in a way I have never felt. I highly recommend this cleanse for anyone considering trying it and give the experience 5/5 frog stars as it is life changing.

Alex Soares

Simon facilitated the cleanse in a masterful and gentle manner .

I decided to do the three day cleanse as my first experience with Kambo. I am very happy I chose to do it this way rather than the one day option. Kambo is a learning process so having experienced it three times allowed me to understand the effects of the medicine and know that it is a friend to me and not something that needs to be feared. On the third day I wished that I could come back for several more days and continue working with the medicine and go deeper as I felt it moving energy in my system in a different way each day in a purposeful and healing procession. I see this medicine as a pattern “re-set” of the biological matrix of the organism. It just takes some effort and real work to get there. Simon facilitated the cleanse in a masterful and gentle manner and created a healing space befitting a true shaman.

Steve L

The benefits that I have seen after Kambo are huge!

Me being a Spiritual Medium as a profession, I saw a huge improvement connecting to spirit. My enjoyment with life in general has improved and my body feels so much healthier. After my Kambo Cleanse, I went on a 30 day diet that is no salt, no sugar, no alcohol, no sex. I lost a total of 15 pounds after the Kambo Cleanse and my husband lost 20 lbs. Overall, the Kambo Cleanse in Sedona was better then I could have ever expected and Simon Scott is the perfect host and the best practitioner. If you’re needing a full reset in life, this experience will do it for you! Thank you Simon and the spirit of Kambo!! I will be back!

Travis Hill

Spiritual Medium

On the scenic drive to Topanga Canyon for my first ceremony I was absolutely terrified.

What on earth was I getting myself into? I even put on a CD in the car wondering if it would be the last album I’d ever hear (spoiler alert: it wasn’t). Upon meeting Simon my fears were assuaged – this guy definitely knows what he’s doing. Simon is a remarkably kind and intelligent individual who has dedicated his life to healing. What I admire most about him is his total, unshakeable presence in the moment. It is absolutely critical having someone like that around when your face is swelling up from frog poison and it feels like your body is a mass of buzzing bees inside a balloon ready to burst. Our conversations were just as insightful to me as the kambo itself.  The immediate effects of the medicine (after about 15 minutes of feeling more sick than I’ve ever felt in my life… and puking… lots of puking) were a completely renewed and invigorated mind and body. I was gifted an unbelievable level of mental clarity coupled with a full-body calmness. Ah, this is what it feels like to live without being trapped in your own head! My default mode of anger, frustration, and nervousness had vanished. Unbound by the constraints of anxiety I was, well, happy. Finally happy again. And unbelievably relaxed. Wow. Something I can’t quite explain is how kambo thrust me into what some would call “the flow” or I would call “the zone.” The day after my final ceremony a visiting friend keenly observed how things just seemed to be working out for us in mysterious ways all weekend. Above all Kambo has made me hyper-aware of my own behaviors, habits, and disciplines and how they effect me on a day to day basis. Since then I’ve started meditating, reading more books and begun to remove negative influences from my life. I know going forward the only person who can change things for me… is me (duh). Before kambo I had gotten sick twice in the preceding three weeks. In layman’s terms, my immune system was totally jacked. Since then (been 3 months) I haven’t gotten sick once! It was an inspiring experience to say the least, and definitely recalibrated my body and mind. If you’re scared like I was – take the leap. It’s worth it.


Video Editor, Freelance

Kambo Cleanse is the most amazing and spiritually awakening process a human can do.

I saw a group of people purging into buckets on Facebook, that’s where it all started. I clicked on Kambo Cleanse and started researching what this was and what it meant. I was scared of it but at the same time I was fascinated. It called to me undeniably. I decided to complete a three day Kambo Cleanse mainly because I could not stop thinking about it. It is the best choice I have ever made. It is the most amazing and spiritually awakening process a human can do. It transformed my connection to myself to my purpose and to my planet. The suffering is minuscule in comparison to the physical and spiritual gifts it bestows. If you are searching to speed your evolution and carry a deeper connection to nature and everyone in your life then you have found your next process.

Lindsey Feurer

Creative Director

Immediately after my first session with Simon I felt amazing.

After the 3rd session the benefits have been way deeper than I had initially anticipated – my life has improved dramatically on a physical, mental, spiritual and even a financial level. I have released so much tension in my heart, neck and shoulder area; my focus is through the roof; my body feels lighter and has more freedom of movement. I actually feel more intelligent and the weekend after Kambo taught myself to speed read. Financially good things have happened too – since Kambo my client base has expanded by about 30%, and it’s only been 4 weeks! Spiritually my (yoga) meditations have gone through the roof, and the volume of synchronicity in my life has been ridiculous. Also Simon is a top guy.  We got along great from the outset – furthermore he has extensive knowledge of Amazonian shamanic practices and knew exactly how to hold space when us participants were going through the cleanse. I wholeheartedly, unashamedly, 100% to the ends of the earth recommend that you partake in a Kambo cleanse with Simon, wherever in the world you may be based!

Ru Hazell


Simon’s respect for the medicines and for me is palpable. He remains simple, relaxed, and present as a facilitator.

This allows me to be intimate with all the medicines, while still feeling very safe and supported. Simon understands that it is the medicines that are doing the healing and walks the balance of a facilitator who lets the medicines do the work while being a source of support and grounding for people on a human level. Sananga and Rapé are perfect allies to receiving the strength and gentleness of the Kambo medicine. Each time I receive these medicines there are new lessons. Sananga and Rapé  help me to soften, making me more open to receive, while also strengthening my system to stay centered during Kambo. Sananga teaches me to relax and trust the medicine. Sananga taught me a lot about staying in my own space and not moving out of peace for any thought or anyone. It was ruthless and subtle at the same time. Rapé is powerful and instantly clears my head and helps me to really feel my whole being down to the ground. Receiving Kambo is then much smoother because my system has released much of what it needed to and stabilized. It seems taking these medicines before Kambo is a way of welcoming Kambo to come deeper into my being and make its magic.

Chesaray Alflen

Core Synchronism and Mindfulness Counseling

Heartfelt thanks to Simon and the whole culture, tradition and ecology that gave birth to Kambo.

After hearing about Kambo from trusted others, I knew I had to “sleep on it” to see if it was right for me. It was relatively easy for my mind to come up with unexamined reasons why not. I wanted a strong inner confirmation that it was right for me. It came after a few nights of sleeping on it. I decided to work with Kambo, and I thought it was also a good way to honor and mark my 60th birthday! I have loved frogs and salamanders since I was young. I remember being amazed and fascinated at the ones I found as a child as they sat peacefully in the palm of my hand – I remember feeling the subtle power of such a small fragile being – unafraid, alert, vulnerable and trusting, heart beating visibly under a translucent light-filled skin. The frog who gives us Kambo has few natural predators. I wanted to know some of those qualities for myself. My three sessions with Simon in early February were not unlike those of many others. The medicine worked quickly in my body, with purpose, and the intensity ended within about 20 minutes with purging. I hate throwing up! But this was way less unpleasant – I had eaten nothing beforehand except water, as instructed, and there was not the accustomed feeling of being physically drained and unwell. Some people experience emotions but for me the experiences were all on a physical level. I have a lifelong meditation practice and this helped to surf through the sensations. Afterwards I felt very good, lighter and clearer and with a deep sense of peace. Simon is an exceptional practitioner. I could feel him holding space for whatever arose for any of us as we worked with the medicine. I felt his confidence, his sense of right direction and his steadiness. At the same time, I could feel in him a more receptive awareness of what was going on inwardly with everyone and he responded in an understanding, compassionate and unobtrusive way to my needs. I think the true test of any cleanse or spiritual practice is not so much the experiences I have while I am engaged with it. It is the abiding results afterwards that I look for and value. Since arriving home I have noticed a sense of being centered in my heart in a way I was not before. It feels sort of like I am more solidly in my body and more committed to being here and less afraid. There is a word in sanskrit “santosha” which is usually translated as “acceptance” or “contentment.” I thought of it when I was trying to describe how I have been feeling. When I address issues in my reality they don’t seem to have the same momentous challenging sense of importance they did before. I just fell more stable and more ready to engage with change.

Susan Cooke

For all those who fear kambo, I found it a lot easier than expected. And well worth the results.

The biggest change I experienced after 3 days of kambo was a quieting of internal tension I’d been living with for 20 years despite all kinds of inner work – what a relief!  I’m now grounded and focused much more of the time. The second change is a gradual lessening of long-time chronic pain, other alternative healing methods seem to be more effective now than before kambo (like TCM, energy healing, osteopathic). I seem to have opened to a deeper emotional level inside, which is not always easy, but releasing old stuck emotions is always productive, freeing. I also went through a ‘healing crisis’ in the form of an eczema outbreak, which as it heals is doing an incredible job of healing the burn marks – maybe I won’t need to get a tattoo! Receiving the kambo for me was like an intensity or heat rushing through my body, especially certain areas. The heart pounding was a lot less than I’ve experienced before, and I noticed throat restriction but never feared blocked breath. Then feeling nauseous for a bit, 10 -15 minutes before purging is a lot easier than stomach flu! Not knowing the first time was a bit scary, but the second and third time were then interesting experiences. My suggestion to others is to trust the process, and Simon. I can’t imagine a better guide and caretaker for your kambo process.


Never before have I ever felt so still. My thoughts have been put on hold and a great peace has washed over me.

When I first “kissed the frog” three days ago I wondered why anyone would willingly subject themselves to this process. Your heart beats louder and harder than ever before. Your body can get fervently hot and the purging is intense. While working in Simon’s beautiful garden, the wind breathed with his beautiful Mother Oak Tree. That great tree cradled me as I worked through my experience.  After my Kambo I feel still as bedrock. Simon’s house seems to have been marinated in deep peace and I completely understand Simon’s deeply peaceful demeanor, crystal clear eyes and open heart after taking my Kambo. Kambo has connected me to the Earth and to a more solid part of myself.  There is a raw absence I feel where creativity and love are at my finger tips. Kambo has unblocked my logic and confusing social enigmas that prevented such creativity. Kambo has spread my hearts mind and feelings to other parts of my body and  I truly feel the calm after the storm.

Blake Dyer

COO, Teal Eye

This work has deeply changed the way that I perceive reality, or maybe the way reality perceives me.

Since my second ceremony, Synchronicity has been off the charts in my life. Every day seems like a effortless flow. My eyes can see at a new level of clarity so to speak, and things around me are effortlessly aligning. I feel myself drifting away from unhealthy thought patterns, old negative beliefs, and physical addictions. I have been able to speak desires into being, manifest effortlessly, and attract more healthy and aligned experiences into my life. I feel a new level of trust with the Universe that I am truly being guided in every moment, that everything is being taken care of, and that a higher spirit is definitely handling the details! I just get to let go and surrender and allow the Universe to Guide My Way. Since my second Kambo ceremony, I have found my new home in the hills, and I am living in Paradise. I believe Kambo helped open my spirit to the possibility that anything was possible, and it IS!

Lauren Haha

Tantric Healer, Lux Sophia

I feel blessed to have found a practitioner who is knowledgeable, compassionate, capable and has such a deep connection to this amazing substance.

Words cannot sufficiently express the gratitude I feel for his help and guidance. DO NOT TRY KAMBO ON YOUR OWN! Only try this with an experienced practitioner as the journey can be be difficult and even frightening but the healing is profound and absolutely worth it. The day after Kambo I feel amazing. Happy and joyous are the best words to describe my state after a treatment. I feel like the Kambo removed some deep negativity that was buried inside. The detoxification of the Kambo purge works on both the physical and emotional aspects of the person in my experience. Most importantly, I feel that there is a deep spiritual dimension to this “gift of the frogs”. This medicine should be treated with respect and reverence and requires bravery and courage if one decides to take a high dose treatment. My first treatment was 9 dots. It should be noted that I have seen others take a smaller number of dots and still receive great benefits. In my experience, Kambo is one of the most powerful treatments I have ever encountered. If you are brave and willing I cannot recommend it enough. Again, ONLY DO THIS WITH AN EXPERIENCED GUIDE SUCH AS SIMON! My love and gratitude goes out to Simon and the indigenous peoples of the Amazon for bring us this precious gift. May all beings be happy and healthy!

Johann Helf

CEO, Lotus Blooming Herbs

It is a special moment when you meet someone who feels just right. Simon is exactly that.

Receiving the Kambo medicine from Simon felt so safe, he was there to support me and at the same time he gave me the space I needed to experience the medicine. I love the feeling of serenity that surrounds me after Kambo. So clear and peaceful, within it, it is much easier to choose to love.  Suddenly it is quiet, relaxed, pleasant. I can feel the change in the way I experience other people. I can even notice how Kambo’s frequency affects the people around me. It is like a giant monkey frog was up chest to chest with my ego to tone it down and at the same time gave me this endless loving hug to fill up the ego’s void with compassion. Thank you Simon for bringing this powerful and magnificent medicine here and offering it with so much love and care.

Shai Shaashua

My first Kambo meeting with Simon was immediately comforting.

Simon spent a lot of time getting to know me, why I came to Kambo, answering my questions, explaining the ceremony.

I am a Colon Hydrotherapist, and an LMT, and I have done quite a bit of cleansing /detoxing of various sorts. I have eaten a clean diet for years. I still have issues with constipation (although generally magnesium helps with that). Still, as a working single mom, In these stressful times, I hold quite a bit of tension.

Having been trained in Shiatsu massage and practicing as a Colon Hydrotherapist, I am also interested in healing modalities that really work for me.  There is so much out there to choose from.  I know myself, and I see in some of my clients, that if we are holding emotions and toxins in our body and stresses in our lives, no amount of massage or chiropractic is going to give you a real release of tension. For me personally, I find old emotions to be rather difficult to extract, especially with a busy life.  As with colonics, we don’t always know what we are holding on to, until we let it go. This is what I am experiencing with Kambo.

After reading one of the more intense experiences with Kambo, I imagined being knocked almost unconscious with explosive expulsions, and I prayed for a gentle ride.  I was happily accommodated, after just a few short minutes of discomfort, which was a head rush of heat and a purge into the bucket, my neck and throat opened up, I relaxed and slept so deeply the whole day.  (Chiropractors have tried to crack my neck, to no avail. I will forever remember that first feeling of freedom in my neck and jaw, my first gift from Kambo.)

I went home knowing I would try it again.  My neck and jaw tension slowly crept back, and I knew I had more work to do. Kambo was calling me back very strongly.

I was ready to go a little more deeply the second and third time.  The second time, I purged a little more,  followed by a lot of full body untwisting, wringing myself out around the magnificent California oak tree that holds the space with Simon in his new Topanga retreat, such a beautiful, special space for Kambo.

The next day, old sorrows went into the bucket. There were two wonderful young women to share our stories, and we shared a beautiful meal afterwards.

I feel spaces opening, where i can start playing with a new energy in my life. I am so excited.

My fourth Kambo ceremony was different. I first felt the immediate flush of warmth going up into my head, I readied my bucket – but then, it suddenly changed direction. I ended up on the toilet, a few times yesterday. This time, I was stronger right after, I could stand up and walk around right away, and Simon served a delicious Japanese twig tea.

I am so thankful to Simon for bringing this wonderful medicine to us, and to the Tree Frog, for sharing it’s Kambo medicine, to the wise indigenous stewards of the powerful Amazon, who share it with us, Michelle, with cleansing sage and tuning forks, to those who are sharing in stories and ceremony, for all the hugs, to Troy for his continual spreading of the word, and to the beautiful Topanga space, the powerful oak tree, the beautiful surrounding bamboo, eucalyptus, various plants, shading, supporting and witnessing it all.

Letting go of old emotions and physical tension is making space for new — new friends, a new medicine,  literally, new space in my apartment – I am clearing it out as I clear out.  Simon’s new retreat space even called for a few things I can’t use – a few planters and a beautiful hammock — I hope if you go, you have a lovely swing on it.

I have more work to do with Kambo. I feel incredibly fortunate and thankful to have access to it.

Karen Harris

Colon Hydrotherapist, LMT

Simon works with sacredness and a deep respect for both the Kambo & the participant.

This sacredness is how simon lives. It’s refreshing and empowering. Truly from the heart and with wisdom. Thank you,

Tracy Ray

Self Employed, The Tree House

Kambo has been one of the most effective healers I have ever experienced.

Having a life of poor health I now feel stronger and healthier then ever. Candida had gotten out of hand in my body the past two years and just after my first Kambo Treatment the candida symptoms were gone! My skin is clearer then ever. I quit smoking. I’m craving healthier foods. I let go of alot of what no longer served me and at the same time opened up to that which does serves me. I feel lighter and brighter and more positive. I am eternally grateful to receive this gift.

Sarah Brewer

Personal Chef / Yoga Teacher

My experience with Kambo is still unfolding.

I had three sessions three days in a row roughly two months ago.  Each of the sessions were of course intense and interestingly unique to one another.  I felt progressively stronger and clearer for the following week then the strength and clarity faded away. That in and of itself was worth the experience.  Six weeks later the feeling and benefits returned and stabilized in my system.  Empowering and fascinating. And then there is Simon.  Simon and I clicked as soon as we met each other.  He is a grounded laid back guy with a passion for … and skill with … the Kambo Spirit. Great work Simon. Keep it up,

Mark England

Advanced Communications Consultant, Empowered Language

Simon came highly recommended by Troy Casey, The Certified Health Nut.

Simon is pure go heart and very much in sync with the Kambo spirit of transformation, rebirth and renewal. He was there completely, entirely, mind and soul, in the now as he systematically resolved any concerns I had. The space was always secure, safe and warm. This, for me, is very rare. Initially the Kambo space was profound, powerful with important topics surfacing, images and feelings weaving in and out of my consciousness.  My expressed intention was not only reached but exceeded. I left the ceremony with a sense of knowing what negative energies had left, what had detoxed and what yet needed to be done to complete this detox.  Kambo truly is a detox, a renewal, a rebirthing of mind, body and spirit. Regarding the physical discomfort of this spiritual gift, I had very little issues with it and found my research on this was very much over rated. With 12 dots I basically had a little gas and a mild upset stomach. My primary reaction was a lot of perspiration, which Simon explained was my way and that not every one purges. The rest of the day and the following 48 hours were wonderful, positive and bright.  Even the tattoo, after over a year searching for  the right symbolism, it was clearly another ‘meant to be’ event in this spiritual journey.  What better symbolizes transformation than a frog or butterfly, both of which transform into completely new beings. My Kambo results were deep with meaning and very moving, much of which I will be processing for a while. I  highly recommend Simon to any one who would like to work with Kambo.


Business Man

Simon and I had a nice introductory conversation which helped me to get clear about my intention.

Within a minute I felt the Kambo throughout my system. Mild nausea, a pounding heart beat, a major hot flash. Suddenly then my earlobes felt fat and started to pulse along with the heart. Followed by cold sweats, a few bouts of nausea and throwing up, I remembered Simon’s words, “The bucket is your friend.” To my amazement the upchuck did not taste bitter or vile but rather sweetish and citrus like, almost like OJ. Then my back started hurting all the way along the spine, and I turned to rest against the oak tree. Felt the medicine work it’s ways through my organs, especially the kidneys and guts. I got up slowly and walked to the bathroom, whilst I felt woozy and in an altered state, I had no problem moving around at all. Later I walked back to the tree and curled up to rest under my blanket for warmth. The return to reality came slowly and by degrees. My sense of time was altered, feeling wide open, centered and clear. After a nice cup of tea and and integrative talk, I drove myself home for a nap. I slept really well, 9 hours, and by the next morning I felt completely transformed. My whole being, all of my senses felt wide open, clean and clear. It was like my body / mind / spirit and entire being had returned to it’s original blueprint My morning yoga session reflected an amazing improvement in flexibility, balance and strength. My spine is so happy and my heart, throat area and eyes feel wide open, expanded and happy. Much gratitude and many thanks for this awesome, empowering experience.

Lola Babalon

Astrologer, Palmist, Yogini, Shaman, Herbalist

I want to tell you how different of a person I feel after receiving Kambo at Nosara Retreat, Costa Rica.

I had such radical changes the days following the treatment. I was so pleasantly surprised! I expected something to be different but was not expecting this. The day after the ceremony, I woke invigorated and feeling strong, had the best work out I had had in months, maybe years! I have had no interest whatsoever in engaging in arguments with my boyfriend. Whatever he said to me during the ‘heat of the moment’ has rolled right off my back. I have been sleeping better – before usually needing a few sleeping pills and wine to get to sleep. I have had no want to smoke a joint or ‘party’ in any other way either! Another awesome improvement is going to the bathroom every day! While that may seem like a small feat to some, for me it is wonderful! Usually going to the bathroom once or twice a WEEK prior to this. I feel good.Really good! Love and light to you and yours,

Mandi Owen Morris

Public Relations, Nosara Retreat

Kambo has been a profound experience of cleansing, purging, and purification that has helped catalyze my shift into my most pure and authentic self.

I had been asked to do Kambo in the states a few months before but intuitively turned it down because I somehow knew I was going to have this ceremony in the Jungle, and I did not feel I needed the intensity of this purge just yet. In those few months leading up to my ceremony with Kambo (Sapo) I was lead to more gentle modalities of cleansing and release. When I saw this was offered at the Tribal Alliance Retreat I felt more than ready for Kambo this time and in fact that I needed it to actualize and catalyze what I have been releasing these past few months. The experience was definitely intense. I felt the medicine pulse through my blood and my blood started to croak like a frog. I felt like I was dying because parts of me were that were finally ready to. If it was not for the Earth Mother, all the Plant Allies around me, the Angels, and Beth’s guidance in breathe and her healing touch I am not sure how the experience would have turned out, I am a gentle being! Thank you Beth for assisting Simon in guiding us! I have never felt so cleansed, purged, purified, and wholly me in my life! I released everything… all of it! Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. I have been lead to my most Authentic and Pure state of being. I could not be more grateful for this initiation into wholeness. Thank you Simon for facilitating this ceremony. I encourage all to experience this if you are ready. It is an intense experience, but I have never felt this alive and connected to purest self.

Derek Kouros

CEO and Founder, Forest Child

I had no idea that I was meeting my destiny the day I came to Kambo. 

I had been experiencing a deep depression in the months prior to my first Kambo experience. Despite much work, the darkness was still around me. When I was given the opportunity to do Kambo, however, I was hesitant. I had never heard of it before, and the idea of putting a frog toxin into my body by some white guy I’d never met seemed odd at first. My mind questioned the experience, but, due to my love of shamanism, I decided to go ahead with it and bring the sincere prayer of my heart.  The ceremony itself was a bit uneventful. While my friends were violently purging neon liquid, I simply got warm and slightly nauseated. I felt like maybe I had missed out as I barely purged after receiving 11 dots which is quite a large dose for the first time and for a woman. Regardless of my gentle ceremony, the results from my first Kambo cleanse were powerful. The next day I felt a notable spring in my step and a lightness in my being. A portion of the dark weight that had surrounded my soul somehow had been lifted. In deep gratitude,

Beth Leone

Qigong Master Instructor, The Tao Lab

Kambo could be described, in a word, as intense.

It is a real odyssey through, initially, a lot of physically painful sensations followed by the aftermath of extremely pleasant ones. I felt it was a test of my strength, endurance, grit and ability to transmute ­ not only physical discomfort but also my own idea of what I thought I was, previous to this experience. A multilayered evolution ensues once you get started. I’m only fresh out of the 3 day “inoculation” and still have all the continuing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits to look forward to as they unfold in the coming months. But in this moment, I’ve already experienced many: mental tranquility and clarity, a lightness of being, a very visceral perception that all my chakras are opened up and properly spinning, loads of synchronicities littering my path each day and an extremely enhanced ability to back away from myself when or if my emotions get stirred up by unpleasant people or situations and fully take the position of the “witness” or higher self that observes and renders these happenings less potent, seeing them as mere perceptions of otherwise, neutral events. This has been something I’ve toyed with, on and off for years, but this cleanse has somehow made it more easily accessible making me feel more in command of myself, my thoughts and of course, my emotions. It is as if before Kambo, I’d grope, haphazardly, for that “switch in a dark room” allowing me to rise above and become the “witness” and now, post ­Kambo, I know exactly where it is and can turn it on or off, at will. This is one of my favourite tools it has given me. It was a “trip” and I am very happy that I did it and will be back in the future for more. And you can’t help but feel your affection grow for Simon and his dedicated, open, gentle presence.

Sara Kirsch

My ceremony began from the moment I found out about the powerful Kambo spirit.

I felt that Kambo is not chosen, but choses certain people. It’s a very secret spirit, which calls those who are ready to enter personal Heaven in this life. The spirit calls strong people because the road to Heaven go across the gates of Hell. It is not for every soul and like I said before, it’s for the strong ones. I felt the call from Kambo deeply in my heart and flew from New York to California in order to meet Kambo spirit. Kambo is divine, and I say that because my trip was not only nice and smooth but it brought great, unusual, interesting, and unique people into my life. You don’t meet those kind people every day especially in New York City. The a day after my arrival in Venice, CA, I have met Simon. There is something about the guy, he is calm, tranquil, and was curious about my story, Simon is spiritually gifted. May be that’s why he is doing what he is doing. I shared with Simon that I have a habit that doesn’t serve me in a good way. I have been smoking marijuana on a regular basis. Once, weed helped me go through some difficulties in my life and after I got addicted to it. Because of many years of smoking marijuana, I started to observe that my short turn memory was getting shaky. Simon carefully listened to me and said that 5 dots would be a good beginning for me because I am very sensitive. When he applied my first 5 Kambo dots I felt the heat of Hell quickly penetrated my head, my limbs, and my organs. My misery, diseases, weaknesses that were sitting comfortably in my system and in my soul, appeared in front of me, and I wanted take my skin off in order to escape from it. Alas! It was too late for an escape. I had no choice and had to face it. As soon as I decided not run away from the things that are in me, I began to purge all of that. Then I smelt marijuana , like someone was smoking close by, and it made me feel even worse. I asked Simon if he could smell anyone smoking weed. He said, “No, nobody is smoking it”. Then after a moment he said, “Yes, I smell it now, and it comes from your bucket”. That was weird. The second day came for my next Kambo ceremony. Simon said that 5 dots would be the right amount for today too. I purged scary dark color of fluids; I had experienced so many emotions that I wouldn’t be able to describe because it is my secret, personal, and deep. The second day was the toughest for me. The third day came, and it was up to me to pick 5 or 6 dots. I chose the number 6. The third time wasn’t so bad as the second time. However, my heart was pumping in a strange way and I told Simon. His calm response was that it was time to work with my heart and he left me to face my own heart. I did that. After the third time I felt so much pleasure that was hiding inside of me. My spirits were lighting up, and I wanted to fly. Later that day I met Beth Leone, another wonderful soul who is leading her life according to her highest purpose. That was an inspirational meeting. In conclusion, I would like to point out that life is mysterious. Every step on this precious planet is a gift. With an awakened heart and mind, you will see so much beauty around you even in a troubled creature, and most importantly you will discover your the beauty hidden in your heart. Lots of LOVE



Simon is a sharp, charismatic, dedicated, gentle and thorough Kambo practitioner.

I am thrilled to have worked with him, for three days during my Kambo cleansing initiation, while living at his home in Venice Beach.  He and I had only met ten days prior in Kelseyville, CA., while doing a ten-day Buddhist meditation retreat called Vipassana, and became fast friends. Two weeks after my Kambo treatment with Simon I feel more personally relaxed have enjoyed more restful sleeping at night after a hard day at the office. I am sixty-six years old and encourage anyone in any age group to give Simon a chance to reduce their stress and improve your overall feelings of personal well-being through the Kambo procedure, as he has done for mine. Warm Regards,

Michael Richards

Insurance Specialist, Michael Richards Insurance Services

I’m writing this testimonial because I believe very strongly in the healing powers of Kambo and in Simon Scott as a practitioner.

I hope that anyone who reads it will be fortified by the possibilities that Kambo brings even if they are feeling apprehensive about working with the medicine. I believe we all carry garbage around with us both physically and emotionally. It becomes so much a part of us that we don’t even realize it is there. It is so ingrained in everything we do, that it may be impossible to recognize, let alone clear from our systems – no matter hard we try. But, whether it’s bad relationships, physical ailments, abuse, family issues, a lack of self confidence or any other emotional ‘ailments’, I believe Kambo can heal it. Kambo is a fortifying medicine. It digs in and helps us find – or remember – our essence, and strengthens our resolve in letting that essence shine despite any challenges we have faced in our lives. The friend who introduced me to Simon and Kambo told me that Kambo can ‘save the world’. After working with Simon on three occasions over the past 18 months for a total of 9 ceremonies, I believe this is true. Personally, I was in shambles when Simon first came to our town. I was ruining relationships with the people who were closest to me and even with those who weren’t. I had many bad addictions and I had completely lost focus of the things that mattered most in my life. Kambo has helped me cure much of this from the inside out. First, it removed the negative thought patterns I had and helped me understand my responsibility in how my life had turned out and where it was headed. Then it reminded me of the hopes and dreams that I had had for myself as a child. Then, it helped me see that I needed to let go of some things that I thought were serving me, but in reality, weren’t. Finally it provided me with direction on what my life could be. I never would have imagined 18 months ago that I could be where I am right here and right now. There is a bit of a price to pay for the insights of Kambo. The first 5-15 minutes of a treatment are not pleasant. Even after 69 total points of medicine, I still feel trepidation each time Simon asks me if I am ready to receive the medicine. It’s normal to be afraid, I believe. It demonstrates a healthy respect for the medicine and the spirits that brought it to us. But receiving the medicine from Simon makes it easier. He’s done the work to be able to deliver it in a safe and effective way. He is very focused on each and every one of the 40+ people I’ve personally seen him administer it to. I believe his respect for the medicine and the traditions surrounding it as well as his respect for the people he is holding space for make it more effective when he delivers it. I am grateful that Simon answered his calling to provide this medicine for us. He is truly helping to ‘save the world’.

Larry Kokoszka

Founder, Webatix

I have now done two Kambo treatments with Simon and eagerly look forward to my third.

Simon is a knowledgeable and understanding practitioner who holds his ceremonies in a sacred manner which I highly respect. While the experience is initially a little challenging at first, the benefits I have gained from my ceremonies with Simon are nothing short of amazing and profound. I have found that after my ceremonies I am provided with  clarity and overall well being that makes me keep coming back to gain a deeper understanding of Kambo. I have recommended Simon to a number of friends and do so knowing that Simon can be trusted to provide a unique and amazing experience to anyone who feels the calling to explore this truly profound substance.

Kieran Kennedy

Journalist, Reset Me

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you and kambo.

After a tremendously challenging and unraveling 2 months on the road, the experience of the Kambo for me was to be called to myself in this immediate, effortless, powerful, very solid kind of way. After struggling so much to feel myself as a whole individual and my self-worth, it’s like it was revealed to me from within, and I became grounded, anchored, and filled with the knowing of who I am, and my innate worth and beauty. A threshold was crossed, and with such ease and grace. I do continue to feel the medicine working on me. I really enjoyed meeting you and dwelling in the amazing space you have created.

Jade Bertaud

We Have This Now

It was absolutely beautiful

After a powerful purge with Kambo, I received the Yawanawá rapé snuff and lay down.  I let the medicine sink in with my eyes closed.

Turning onto my side and opening my eyes, with blurry vision adjusting to clear sight, I saw a very small sapling with a single leaf.  It was a tiny version of the beautiful tree above me.

To me, this sapling was a solid symbol of rebirth and renewal.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being with me on my first Kambo journey.

Saoirse Macklin

I definitely feel freer, lighter, & more in touch with myself!


Doing the Kambo inoculation was a great experience for me.

From the moment Simon opened the door smiling, & gave me a hug, I knew I was in the right place.

The group (four of us, all women) was perfect as well. I felt safe, understood, & relaxed, despite what we were about to embark upon… Kambo is a journey, a healing exploration & excavation!

Doing it over 3 days was a really deep experience… I felt no rush toward my goal, but each day took me somewhere therapeutic & left me feeling shifted….  By day 3, I had the really deep purge I was looking for, which took me (& shook me) to the core of my being… I threw up quite a bit & then sat crying & shaking uncontrollably for a long time, letting the Kambo move thru me & unleash previously unexpressed & inaccessible emotions… I was stunned & relieved by how much came out. I’ve still been integrating since, but I definitely feel freer, lighter, & more in touch with myself!

I am so grateful to the Kambo & its immense wisdom; to Simon, for his kindness, hospitality, & space holding; & to the multilayered wisdom of the group experience. Being in Sedona was a very big bonus & really added to the magic of the overall experience & helped with the integration process…  I am so thankful I found out about the power of this medicine & am so happy to have received it in this way. Thank you!

Highly Recommend!

Ceciley Slocum

After Kambo, everything is cleared out of my house and all the windows are open with light pouring in. Very beautiful.

I would describe my first 3-day Kambo ceremony as a multi-dimensional process that concurrently builds 3 stories to the house that is your soul, overnight, and pours seemingly endless amounts of light in through all the rooms and windows, both old and new, that you have, both purposefully and inadvertently, blockaded to spirit, to health, to joy, to abundance.

Besides having more strength and vitality then I have had since I first became sick 5 years ago, and the pain from my back nerve injury earlier this year completely gone, there is a focus and clarity, a lightness and spaciousness, an otherworldly heightened intuition and perception, a visceral, felt sense of my soul and energy body and its expansiveness, a quietness of the mind I have only ever previously achieved through hours of meditation, and so much more.

Kambo was one of the most challenging, and scariest, things I’ve done, and I’ve done quite a lot of things on this healing journey. I am, however, beyond blown away by the intelligence of this deep medicine. Western medicines, with their scientifically tested cause and effect, seem quite “cute” in comparison. And I say this as someone who’s background is in science and went into the experience quite skeptical. You can feel the medicine scanning your body and building up intense pressures in certain areas that need healing.

My intention was for 100% health again, which quickly shifted by day 2 into living life in the flow of pure joy and aliveness. Everyone purges from the medicine differently; for me, it was a lot of crying and shaking for the second day and by day three, I was quite sure, I just wasn’t going to make it.

But Kambo has an intelligence and plan, and each day, each experience, is completely unique. On the third and final day, I was filled with childlike joy; hysterically laughing, clapping my hands and feet. Somewhere along the way, I learned to stay in line, be quiet, and fit in, so I couldn’t help apologizing for my laughter, then laughing even harder at my the absurdity of apologizing for being joyful.

The medicine whispering the entire time, BE BOLD, STAND THE FUCK OUT, laugh your ass off and never stop and for god’s sake, STOP apologizing, as well as feeling bad about being different.

It was as if, over the course of a few days, Kambo completely brought to life Rumi’s Guest House poem of sweeping your house clean for all the good, and used me as the guinea pig to star in this play. I have never felt such lightness or joy, and it remains with me still.

Christine Beggs

Founder, Ripples Edge Media

After three days of Kambo I didn’t have any cravings for alcohol. 

When I first heard about Kambo about 8 months ago, I immediately felt drawn to it and my gut feeling told me it would be good for me.

I completed my three day ceremony with Simon and even though the first day I didn’t feel much of a difference, I kept positive about it feeling that it was still working in my body, even though I didn’t feel anything specifically.

After days two and three though I did start to notice some positive changes.  I have had chronic lower back, hip and neck pain for the past several years and I noticed by day two that my back pain was almost gone.  By the third day I noticed my neck started popping every time I turned it and it felt like it was loosening up and I noticed I could turn it farther to the left and the right.  Those were things I was hoping for but not knowing if I would get those type of results or not.

Having had problems with alcohol dependency for years was one of the main reasons I went for the treatment and after all three days I didn’t have any cravings for alcohol, nor did it even sound good to me, so I was quite amazed at that and very happy.  Another big thing for me was I just felt good and in a very positive mood and with more energy than I have had in a long time.  Those changes have continued to this day, as I just feel good and in a good mood and enjoy being around my family and friends much more than before.

Simon was a great Master Practitioner and led us through the ceremonies very calmly, but expertly.  I will definitely want to do this again in the not too distant future.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels led to the Kambo frog!  The frog called me and I went to it and am forever grateful to Kambo and Simon!!

John Rhoades

Simon created a super safe and supportive environment. 

I am a 55 yr old woman who chose to do Kambo with Simon Scott because I intuitively trusted him and Kambo after reading his website.

I was looking for an experience with plant medicine and hoped for a physical/emotional/spiritual cleanse. This was my first time with plant medicine (other than marijuana). Simon was amazing. Very reassuring.  He created a super safe and supportive environment. I stayed with him two nights and that was totally comfortable too.

I did Kambo three times in three days. By the third time, my body was convulsing with the throwing up. It felt like a full body/emotional/psychological cleanse. I meditated lying down after each cleanse/throw up. The first time, when it came time to throw up, I had a little panic and said “do I have to throw up?”  Simon said “No, but I wonder if you can give yourself permission to let go of what you don’t need any more”. That worked. I hesitated a moment, realized I could, and threw up. I lay down to meditate and shook under blankets feeling like my body was releasing held tension. I felt very relaxed. I slept most of the rest of that day and night!

The third time while I was leaning over the bucket, everything got really bright.  I opened my eyes and everything in the room was either turning into light or light was appearing in front of everything. It was blinding. I closed my eyes, it was so bright. It was still bright. I opened my eyes again and everything was very bright light. I threw up with major gut contractions. I laid down to meditate and heard a voice say “please God, help me”. I felt totally fine. It kept saying the same thing. I suddenly realized that it was “myself” from a past life so I reassured her. Told her she was safe etc. I saw a flash of her death, an extremely violent murder by a group of men, and then everyone in the image of her murder turned to light. The men turned to light. I felt a letting go/an understanding all is well, all is one. For days afterwards, everything felt infused with sacredness.

Two long term effects for me is I lost complete taste for alcohol. I only taste the alcohol now. So, I don’t drink any more. Also, I stopped late night snacking that had felt obsessive. Neither of those were why I went and occurred quite spontaneously.  My arthritic knees felt better afterwards too.

I highly recommend Simon as a respectful, grounded, attentive, present guide.


I will be very honest, I was extremely nervous to be attending our three-day Kambo Cleanse. 

I am new to alternative healing really did not know what to expect from this experience. I read all of the amazing testimonials on Simon’s website, which was very helpful for my nerves, but I also made the mistake of reading other websites and watching videos that totally freaked me out. Thankfully, my partner has had more experience with alternative healing so I was able to lean into his confidence all the way to Simon’s doorstep.

Immediately upon meeting Simon and walking into his home all of my nerves lifted away like a dark cloud in the sky. Simon’s demeanor is very calm and it permeates the entire house. Upon meeting him you instantly feel comfortable, safe and in the hands of a true guide.

Initially I was planning on opting out of the sananga eyedrops and rapé snuff as they slightly terrified me, but after our initial bonding with Simon and the rest of our group I knew that I was in a safe space and that I would regret not trying these healing tools. I will not lie and say that it was all sunshine and roses, but the pain/discomfort was totally worth it in the end. Focusing on my breath enabled me to push through in those tough moments and I kept learning so much about myself every day that I can’t imagine not participating in any of the cleanse steps.

Prior to this trip I had been experiencing a feeling of being “weighted down” and had very little energy. I had struggled for years with the ability to drink water throughout the day and almost never made my daily quota. I also had suffered several traumas in my life and through purging it was made quite clear that I had been holding onto years of pain, guilt, shame, anger and so much more.

For the first time in years I finally felt like myself again and could laugh, felt lighter and had a renewed sense of hope and optimism. My body felt healed and I felt equipped with the inner knowledge of what I needed to do after our cleanse to keep the momentum going forward.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Simon or the entire Kambo Cleanse experience. Perhaps the best testimonial is that my partner and I have already started setting aside money so we can make a yearly pilgrimage out to Simon for healing and transformation.


Jacqueline Berger

The Kambo strengthened my immune system.

Simon is amazing at holding space for this miraculous work. The Kambo strengthened my immune system and I could feel the affects for a long time after.

Simon provides a container to do the deep healing work in a knowledgeable and loving way that is perfect for even a first time experience with Kambo.

Cynthea Della Paul

Certified Body/Mind Therapist

Kambo, Sananga and Rapé medicines from the Yawanawá tribe have helped me tremendously as the empath that I am.

These medicines support my life choice to heal others, and create less of a hindrance to the healing. My gratitude towards the Yawanawá tribe and to Simon Scott for bringing these tools into my life is infinite.  Words to describe this gratitude is difficult to come by.  They have helped me to feel more at peace, more protected, more centered & more energetically clean then any other tools I’ve ever come across.  I’m a continuous client to Simon and have planned my third Kambo visit for this upcoming month. The setting where I’ve had these experiences has truly added to the experience. My first time two years ago in Topanga Canyon, outside Los Angeles, and this third visit will be my second time at his Sedona, Arizona location.  Both locations have been an absolutely gorgeous and spiritually powerful experience in every detail.  I’ve chosen to keep a constant supply of both Sananga and Rapé in my life for more then two years now since I first met Simon and I’ve witnessed my life to only get better as time goes on.  My friends describe me to be “glowing”! I’ve been able to do the spiritual work needed to lose 60+ pounds and I no longer suffer from fibromyalgia.  Thank you Simon, thank you Yawanawá tribe & thank you Divine Creator for providing these miraculous tools to assist me with taking my life to the next level! ♡♡♡

Dennis Terry

Thank you for your magic and guidance, it helped us to get through the Kambo journey confidently and safely.

It was pleasure to be around great company of people resonating on similar frequency. We definitely had invaluable spiritual experience revealing new secrets in plain sight within ourselves and around us. I feel like my attention coming back to normal but Kambo revelations are here to stay. We feel more connected to nature, people and realizing better understanding of our internal being.

I should also mention that I have not been smoking cigarettes ever since inoculation and do not have any cravings. Thank you again for all your help and good energy, we greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to do it again in future.

Diana & Greg

My intuition is stronger and I am much more accepting of myself, my body, and my surroundings.

When I first started working with Simon in September 2016 I had already had one Kambo encounter, in Iquitos, Peru, but it hadn’t been that impressive or notable.

I flew to Topanga for a three day Kambo Inoculation. The setting was beautiful and I immediately felt at ease with Simon, who is incredibly knowledgable about the medicine, and also kind, compassionate, and patient. Unlike my previous experience with Kambo, working with Simon was both impressive and notable.

First of all Kambo is not fun — it could easily be described as a hard sell. Yet at the end of every treatment I felt better than I did before it started. By the time I left on the third day, I seemed different — brighter somehow, lighter. The entire world seemed different — more welcoming, more beautiful. It was like I was seeing myself and the world through different eyes. I found myself wondering why I had spent so many years being so hard on myself.

In those days, weeks, and even months after the Kambo, I realized that the soul sucking judgment that had been my constant companion was diminished, and I felt more connected to everything and everyone around me. In some ways it was like a rebirth.

All that said, it’s worth noting that thing that drew to me to Kambo in the first place was entirely physiological.  Six years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and celiac’s disease, both of which are autoimmune diseases. Because I fundamentally disagreed with Western medicine’s treatment of Hashimoto’s (which is to put you on thyroid replacement hormone for the rest of your life, without actually treating the autoimmune system), I had been looking for a treatment that could get at the underlying cause. After years of research, I believed that Kambo might hold the answer.

After my experience with Kambo in Peru I stopped taking my Western meds, because the shaman told me I needed to be off of my prescriptions medicines for the Kambo to work.  After six weeks, blood work revealed that my thyroid markers had improved, but still indicated hypothyroidism.

Because things were better, but not “normal,” I decided to go again — this time in the US, with Simon. A three day cleanse instead of a single session.  Six weeks after the three day inoculation with Simon, my blood work was perfect. Even though I hadn’t taken any thyroid medication for over 3 months, all of my thyroid numbers were well within the normal range.  Just to be sure, I did another round of blood work just six weeks later and much to my delight, the markers were even better.

Even though my thyroid blood work was for all intents normal, I decided to return to Topanga for another three day treatment to see if I could improve the underlying autoimmune markers.  And this time, for whatever reason, my experience with the medicine was entirely different.

It still wasn’t fun. It’s still a hard sell. But this time the results felt more emotional and spiritual than physical, and they were much more profound.  On all three days of the cleanse I felt dark energies leaving my body — old memories, fears, and physical pain. Things that felt like I had been carrying them around for years, if not decades. I found myself crying, sobbing, and at one point, singing.  Yes, I had the full on purge, the neurological tremors, the blood rushing through my body turning my skin orange and fingernails blue.  But the thing that has stuck with me is releasing fears, releasing even more judgment, the calm acceptance of what is, and a deeper feeling of peace.

Even after I returned home, that clarity and peace of mind stuck with me.  I immediately started a project that I had been putting off for several months. Before Kambo I really couldn’t see my way through it. However, after Kambo it seemed perfectly clear to me — how to get started, and also how to finish.

My intuition is stronger and I am much more accepting of myself, my body, and my surroundings. I feel more grounded, confident, and connected. And even though the world around me is in chaos, I am much happier than I was before the treatment. I also have more energy, my diet is better, and I am 100% pharmaceutical free!

Kathryn L


I had been unwell for a few weeks prior to my Kambo

I had been unwell for a few weeks prior to my Kambo with what i think was mercury poisoning from getting my amalgam fillings removed. So I was eager but also a little delicate on my approach this time. My first day of the 3 days was “easy” or at least I didn’t struggle to purge at all and the release felt ‘total’ and complete. The second day, very little volume came out of the purge, but what did come out was extremely strange looking, with black flecks mixed in yellow sludge, afterward i felt bloated and full, then on the 3rd day, I was glad for the coaching to trigger a vomit, because it completed the experience, for me.

The way I describe the lasting effect of Kambo is to compare it to when there’s a very low or high barely audible frequency in your area, it’s below the threshold of noticing, becoming white noise or kind of like a form of quiet, but then the moment the frequency ends, you get to appreciate the new level of silence. Kambo turns that noise off, allowing me to notice a new level of stillness and quiet.

Alan Conrad

Just DO IT!

If any of what you are reading on (the most informative source of info on the subject that I’ve found), is inspiring you, I have only three words for you:  Just DO it!

As a longtime seeker of personal and spiritual growth, I feel blessed that the frog showed up for me one night whilst surfing the ‘net, pondering on a plant-based/shamanic retreat.  I have found plant and other chemical entheogens to be quite powerful tools for healing and understanding this thing we call enlightenment.   Although not considered an entheogen, I was fascinated by what I was reading about the cleansing/healing properties of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor, and the fact that it had zero known predators was intriguing.  I sent Simon an email wanting to know how this would be any different than say, Ayahuasca or 5-MEO-DMT.  He simply said, “Those take you out of the body, Kambo brings you into the body.”  Hmmm……interesting.  I have learned to go out of the body on my own, and like to escape this physical dimension at times.  I thought perhaps it was time for something different.

Not one to dwell too much on acting once I’ve decided upon something, I signed up for the September 3-day ceremony in L.A.  I was not disappointed, and the experience continues to unfold.  Simon and his team were very loving and present, and the setting on Topanga Canyon beautiful, so I knew I was in good hands.  The medicine, although not the entheogenic states of bliss and unity consciousness that I so enjoy, worked swiftly and directly, like a heat-seeking missile.  As stated on Simon’s website, “a fast path” (to wherever you are headed on your life’s journey).  I am still in awe of Kambo’s intelligence.

In the past three months, huge shifts have taken place……..IN the body!  The word that comes to mind is “purification”.  I continue to be divinely guided to eat, drink and do what is in the highest good for my physical body.  For starters, my two year love affair with bulletproof coffee has effortlessly switched to Matcha tea (1/3 the caffeine and an amazing superfood).  My “go to” remedy to wind down after a day of work would be a glass of wine (sometimes two) and Netflix.  Now it’s gentle yoga and herbal tea…….HUGE!  Imagine decades of habits simply vanishing, without effort.  I am also eating and drinking mostly “clean”, whole, organic foods.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like to indulge, but the cool thing is….I don’t feel guilty, and I don’t beat myself up.  It feels like a very healthy place for me to be.

Many other wonderful experiences have unfolded, and I’m certain there is much more to come.  I’ll leave you with a quote from Simon: “Kambo’s medicine washes away any negative physical and mental energies which deny us a balanced and peaceful life. When we have allowed emotional toxins to thwart our outlook on life, or when we feel swamped, it is surely time for Kambo..”  – Just DO it!

Kim Elaine


After Kambo, everything is cleared out of my house and all the windows are open with light pouring in. Very beautiful.

I would describe my first 3-day Kambo ceremony as a multi-dimensional process that concurrently builds 3 stories to the house that is your soul, overnight, and pours seemingly endless amounts of light in through all the rooms and windows, both old and new, that you have, both purposefully and inadvertently, blockaded to spirit, to health, to joy, to abundance.

Besides having more strength and vitality then I have had since I first became sick 5 years ago, and the pain from my back nerve injury earlier this year completely gone, there is a focus and clarity, a lightness and spaciousness, an otherworldly heightened intuition and perception, a visceral, felt sense of my soul and energy body and its expansiveness, a quietness of the mind I have only ever previously achieved through hours of meditation, and so much more.

Kambo was one of the most challenging, and scariest, things I’ve done, and I’ve done quite a lot of things on this healing journey. I am, however, beyond blown away by the intelligence of this deep medicine. Western medicines, with their scientifically tested cause and effect, seem quite “cute” in comparison. And I say this as someone who’s background is in science and went into the experience quite skeptical. You can feel the medicine scanning your body and building up intense pressures in certain areas that need healing.
My intention was for 100% health again, which quickly shifted by day 2 into living life in the flow of pure joy and aliveness. Everyone purges from the medicine differently; for me, it was a lot of crying and shaking for the second day and by day three, I was quite sure, I just wasn’t going to make it.

But Kambo has an intelligence and plan, and each day, each experience, is completely unique. On the third and final day, I was filled with childlike joy; hysterically laughing, clapping my hands and feet. Somewhere along the way, I learned to stay in line, be quiet, and fit in, so I couldn’t help apologizing for my laughter, then laughing even harder at my the absurdity of apologizing for being joyful.
The medicine whispering the entire time, BE BOLD, STAND THE FUCK OUT, laugh your ass off and never stop and for god’s sake, STOP apologizing, as well as feeling bad about being different.

It was as if, over the course of a few days, Kambo completely brought to life Rumi’s Guest House poem of sweeping your house clean for all the good, and used me as the guinea pig to star in this play.

I have never felt such lightness or joy, and it remains with me still.

Christine Beggs

Founder, Ripples Edge Media

I am very happy and grateful that I did kambo!

I will definitely do it again! The experience and feelings are greater than words can describe!  It opened my heart and reminded me who I really am! I am at peace with myself. Thank you kambo! Thank you Simon!

Voila! Enjoy your day! 🎊🎉🎁🎈🎊

Zoë Clason

Sales Associate

Kambo was deeply meditative and called my spirit back into my body!

I felt drawn to do to the Kambo medicine just over one year ago. I searched around and feel grateful to have found Kambo guide/practitioner Simon Scott, as from reviews, and my own experience, he is a trustworthy person who takes his role very seriously, and was a very important anchoring presence during my experience. Like other reviews you may read, my experience was very powerful. I waited to do my review of my Kambo experience because I wanted to see if my perspective would change. At the time I was having chronic sinus infections for over one year, and happened to be on antibiotics. I understood from Teal Swan’s review that the Kambo medicine would cause your own immune system to, like a white light, surge through our body. I was hopeful that the Kambo may help me to awaken my immune system’s response to my sinus infections so I could live without taking antibiotics and my time consuming sinus routine. I also had an intention with taking the Kambo to clear the path for my spirit, so that I can be a a clear channel for my spirit and be of service in my life and career.

One of the first experiences which really struck me about the Kambo medicine process happened while taking the Sananga, the eye drops which prepare you for taking the Kambo. When the burning of the eye drops caused my body to cringe and writhe in response, Simon calmly spoke to me and suggested to open myself to invite the medicine to do its work in me. This small statement reoriented me and reminded me to open myself to the medicine to help manifest my intentions with the medicine. His words helped me shift any remaining hesitations, fears and resistance I had about the Sananga and the coming Kambo experience, not to mention reminded me to remove resistance to open myself to the “medicine” of the sinus illness (or any other emotions) that my body was experiencing. I no longer had to cringe when the Sananga came, but I could use its power and medicine to clear my mind and deepen my breath.

My experience of the Kambo in the next three days was that it was deeply meditative and called my spirit back into my body. In general, I feel that the Kambo has helped orient me and anchored me back into my body. I remember after the 2nd day feeling that I had a strong sensation of feeling my core of energy in my dan tien, the energy center in my belly. I had been having a hard time feeling this energy center before. I had a strong instinct to ask to put the last installment of the medicine on my belly, but I was too shy to ask.

Either way, the last installment of the medicine was the most powerful for me. The prior two days seemed to call me back into my body and calm me and prepare me for the 3rd day. I remember Simon commenting when he saw me on the beginning of the 2nd day that I appeared more calm and centered. It was true. In all my travels to get to Topanga and in my life in general I had learned to live with a level of unconscious, but palpable, anxiety. Kambo had helped me calm, focus and orient back into my body and spirit. This orientation has stayed with my since my Kambo journey, as well as my original intentions for taking the Kambo.

It is many different practices that have helped me to maintain this connection with my body and spirit, but I still feel a deep gratitude to Simon and the Kambo, as well as the frogs, and the harvesters. I felt a strong connection to the origins of the medicine, especially on the 3rd day. I remember praying that the medicine that I would receive would have been harvested with a grounded harvester from a frog who was willing to give the medicine, just as I was willing to receive it. This process of harvesting and receiving seemed to be opened with intention and gratitude. I felt my heart had been opened and that the Kambo had slowed and quieted my mind and anchored my spirit back into my body.

There have been a few times that I felt myself shift back into a ungrounded, scared, and anxious place, the place of my spirit not being fully grounded into my body. However, I do know how to call my spirit back into my body and to practice to ground myself again. Everything starts from being able to be present with myself and shine the light on what was present in my body, illness, or unhealed emotions. The Kambo experience has definitely helped me to know and trust the safety of my body and spirit, no matter what the light is shining on, and how scary it may feel at the time. I remember feeling scared and a bit disoriented because the Kambo had brought me to such a pure experience of my spirit, that I felt scared that I would not be able to maintain it, or wasn’t quite sure how to proceed to be of service. I remember confiding these fears to Simon and his response again was very grounding and orienting to me. I do not remember exactly what he said, but the gist that I remember is that it is also a process for him, but that what he does is become clear by stating his intentions and from there, going one step, one moment, one breath at a time.

My sinus infections have recently finally cleared. This is not due directly to the Kambo (though perhaps Kambo was still an important part of this journey) but more recently in finding the belief and coming to know myself as healthy inherently as a spiritual being.

If you are called to do the Kambo, by all means, its medicine is powerful, however, very integral to my experience was having a committed, heart centered practitioner like Simon to assist.

Kally Price

Nurse, Mother, Singer

Working with Simon was an absolute honor.

It was not my first time working with Kambo but working with Simon was to be an unforgettable experience. Simon is equipped with an abundance of healing tools that really compliment the Kambo experience magically. As a professional athlete, I find the therapeutic benefits of Kambo to be absolutely priceless. I always tell people that when I finish a Kambo treatment, I always feel like I am 25 again, seriously. My metabolism always starts to fire off in ways it previously had forgotten, my endurance and just overall will power certainly improve. If I could, I would do Kambo treatments fairly routine, that is how much I believe in the therapeutic effects. What I love about working with Simon is his plethora of knowledge, he is a great guide down many wonderful rabbit holes. He is well versed in Ayurveda, and certainly understands natural earth medicine to a great degree, and he continues to learn and expand what he can offer the world. Having witnessed this, he certainly was someone I quickly understood that I was thankful to know. My 3 days in Sedona were magical, Simon greeted me as a friend, treated me as a friend, and I left feeling brand new. I can’t wait to cross paths with Simon again.

Jonathan Brookins

Professional Athlete

Thank you very much for being such an excellent facilitator of my first Kambo session.

Whenever I have tried a new medicine and immediately feel safe and grounded, I know that I am in the hands of a maestro—I felt that last week in Topanga—we were all very fortunate to have you as our guide.

William Mackenzie-Smith

Simon and Kambo Make for the Perfect Combo!

It has been about a month since taking part in three Kambo ceremonies with Simon and I feel great! I have a lot more energy in the morning and my immune system seems to be that of a super human. My anxiety still persists, but there is a level of groundedness behind it that wasn’t there previously; almost as if I am observing the anxiety rather than entertaining it as much as I used to. This is a very good thing and hopefully a sign that things will continue to improve. Going in, I set the intention to clear any creative blocks I may have related to my self doubt. Now while I still have that self doubt looming in the background, there is an unfolding happening that I’ve noticed since the ceremonies. I believe that the frog medicine works with you long after you’ve taken it. It digs deep into your emotional centers and excavates any sedimentary debris. In the past 30 days a lot has come up for me and I’m certain it is the medicine doing it’s work. The physical part of the whole process has been minimal compared to the emotional trauma it has unblocked in me and shown me to integrate. Physically, each ceremony felt like an intense Niacin flush, followed by a short time of purging. The interesting thing was that I never really felt nauseous as one might feel with the flu; instead I just felt overcome with emotion and memory, and knew it was time to let it go (purge). I believe with any sacred medicine, such as Kambo, you need to do the work too. Kambo will enter your being, shed some light on your blockages and even help you to purge some of your “stuckedness”, but you have to be willing to meet what comes up and let go of what no longer serves you. Thank you Kambo for helping me to see that it’s safe to let go of these old, negative thought loops. Thank you Simon for providing a safe and warm environment for me to process. Much Love.

Sarah Fortino


Before I completed my 3-day Kambo Cleanse I was heartbroken.

Before I completed my 3-day Kambo Cleanse I was heartbroken, afraid and my skin was a mess from stress and pharmaceuticals. I remember intuitively feeling that Kambo would be a good medicine and it felt right to do the cleanse with Simon as my practitioner. I was not really expecting anything in particular about the medicine or the experience however I was extremely pleasantly surprised at how beneficial and healing  this experience was for me. My first day I watched as the others in my group purged and I was terrified as I could feel their releases. I almost didn’t take the Kambo that day. Simon picked up on my energy and helped ground me by talking with me and giving me tea and helping me feel safe. My experience with Kambo was incredibly healing, blissful and heart opening the first time. Simon is grounding and holds space VERY WELL. He has great insight and is very supportive through your healing process. The Sananga and Rapé given with the Kambo Inoculation are also super powerful healing medicines. Simon gave me an Ayurvedic consultation to help me with my Vata derangement, Ama (toxicity) and skin condition. After this experience working with Simon, Kambo and Ayurveda my life has drastically improved. My health and body have come into a more balanced place and the inflammation in my skin is gone. I’ve changed my lifestyle and eating habits with the Ayurvedic tips and am feeling overall much much better. Kambo has helped me to open my heart, let go, and see the power and freedom of the soul.  I highly recommend working with Simon because he genuinely loves people and the medicine. He is very grounding, supportive, considerate and actually cares about your process. His deep understanding of people, the medicine and Ayurveda are very helpful in guiding your healing process.

Tiffany Celeste

I’m still so amazed by the past weeks events and even the clearing of spiritual obstacles opening.

I’m still so amazed by the past weeks events and even the clearing of spiritual obstacles opening up incredible opportunities allowing my life to better flow in harmony. Almost like a feeling of divine blessing from Ganesha. All of my friends notice these changing things in and around me it’s been such a weight lifted from my soul. I’m a full believer in the magic of Kambo, Sananga and Rapé.

Kursten Brewer

Tea Templar

Our health improved after Kambo and we are happier and more self confident, loving and kind.

We asked forgiveness for the people we hurt, our relationships have been enhanced (family, friends, and coworkers), we are more relaxed, creative and focused in general. We quit coffee, tobacco and junk food. We live more conscious and peaceful, in deep Gratitude with a new lifestyle. Thank you Simon, all of us send you blessings, our deepest gratitude (you are an excellent practitioner) Light & Love

The Rodriguez Family

It has been almost a year since I received my Kambo from Simon.
It has been almost a year since I received my Kambo from Simon and I will never forget the deep healing I received from those three sacred days. It was a few  days before I heard  about Kambo through one on my spiritual teachers that  my relationship with my husband ended in an abrupt way which even though intellectually I knew it was time  to let go of suddenly once again  the old and deep wounds of abandonment came out to the surface leaving it so hard to be able to wake up in the morning, find meaning and go on with my life. I’ve been studying and practicing holistic healing and the laws of the Universe for more than 20 years now and I knew learning about Kambo was no accident. I called Simon hesitant about receiving the medicine since for what I’ve heard this wasn’t going to be “the sand box of healing child play” but a true commitment and total dedication to finally heal those deep wounds. I went to California with no expectation, simply open and ready to let this sacred medicine help me go through that incredibly tough time. Nothing prepared me what I was about to experience after those three days. During the Kambo ceremonies I was simply going through the motions, allowing Simon to provide his healing presence along with the medicine. The process was intense specially during the purging and cleansing itself which is basically consist in purging the toxins out of the physical and emotional body.  During those three days of receiving the medicine I felt good and yet a little  tired as well as  a sense of vulnerability and rawness that I needed to not be “out there in the World” but find as much peace and quiet to let the medicine do the healing. After I got home that is when I said to myself: oh my God I don’t remember feeling like this maybe since I was a child. I felt fearless and strong and yet an intense sense of peace and aliveness all at once. For a few months I slept like a baby and needed no much food, I literally felt I was being fed by the medicine and my body was asking for very little food. I had so much more energy and most beautifully it felt life was simply wonderful. I was happy and at peace for quite sometime. Twelve months have passed since my experience with Kambo and even though I don’t experience that intense peace and aliveness I first felt my life has never been the same since then. I now have internal tools to go back more often than not into that state of what I call eternal peace and joy which is beyond our every day little wants and needs.  If there is one thing I like to share with anyone who is called to this medicine is it will offer you what you are most yearning for.
Laura Loterszpil

Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Maryland

It is said that the Spirit of the frog calls you. That was exactly how it felt to me.

I had known about Kambo for awhile. I had watched a couple of BBC Documentaries about the frog medicine while researching my trip to Peru, in 2013. I emphatically swore that I would never do Kambo. “That is some crazy shit”, I had decided. Yet, here I was just one year later about to do the very thing that I said I would never do.

Kambo comes from the sweat of the Amazonian Giant Monkey Tree Frog. In the jungle they call it a vaccine. Westerners would call it a poison. But to me it is a beautiful, loving medicine. It was the first week of January 2015. I awoke this particular morning with a great feeling of expectation about what this new year would bring. I was deep in my own daydreams about some of the things I wanted to accomplish. Then, out of nowhere an inner voice stated, “You must do Kambo”. WHAT? “Oh no, I am not doing Kambo”, I protested. I then walked over to the computer and resolved to search for a place to experience Kambo. Yeah, I know, I said I wasn’t going to do it, but I have learned over the years that what I most fear and resist, is exactly what my soul is longing for. Within a minute, my Google search presented the website for Kambo Cleanse. To my surprise, a master practitioner, named Simon Scott, was located in Topanga Canyon near LA. I immediately made contact with Simon and scheduled my three days of Kambo. My first ceremony was to be on Valentine’s Day. I told my friends that I was going to be kissed by a frog. I would then laugh; you know that kind of laugh you do when you’re really wondering “What the hell am I thinking”. Yeah, that laugh. Yet, even though I felt some trepidation, intuitively, I knew this was going to change the direction of my life. I found Simon to be a kind and gentle soul with the ability to hold sacred space for those in his charge. He had a great deal of compassion and exhibited so much loving kindness that my fear and anxiety quickly dissolved. His peaceful demeanor and deep connection with the medicine made me feel very safe and in good hands. We started with the Sananga, also called “Lightning in the eyes”. It is an eye drop made from the root of a jungle bush. The first time doing Sananga was very challenging. Simon said it would sting “a bit”. That was an understatement but I found the results to be of such benefit that it was well worth the discomfort (again, understatement). It gave me a feeling of clarity and peacefulness. I spend of lot of time in my head and the Sananga grounded me into my body. I felt very connected to this medicine and loved the deep feeling of purification that I experienced. It also stopped the mental chatter so that I could be fully engaged in the moment. Next, the Kambo. Although the Sananga lessened my anxiety, I still felt a little “FEAR” about the Kambo. I have learned over the past few years that fear is just another emotion. I have found that if I can just sit in that fear without giving in to resistance, I soon realize, I am not really afraid of the experience, but afraid of the feeling of fear itself. I made the decision not to let my fear take control. Simon made the burn points and applied the Kambo like a gentle warrior. The Kambo affects came on very quick. It was intense and short lived. The purging started in about 5 minutes, lasted for about 10 minutes and then I rested. After about 45 minutes of rest, Simon had a cup of tea next to my mat (which was so lovely). I could go into more detail about the ceremony itself but I think it is not so much the experience but the insights and lingering affects that are most important. So here is what I took away from this beautiful medicine. 1. Clarity. I felt so clear and purposeful. I felt as though I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Like a cloud had been lifted. 2. Feeling in the flow. It felt like everything came so easy. As though every block was removed. 3. Lots of energy. I had been battling with some food allergies which seemed to clear up in the weeks following. 4. A low grade depression I had been experiencing since my Mother’s death seemed to just dissipate. 5. Focus. I came to a place of knowing exactly what I wanted to do in my life. 6. Finally, the most amazing thing I received from Kambo was a connection with a part of myself that I had not been connected to for a long time. It was a piece of myself that had long been locked away. I felt the magic of life again. There is a lot that could be said about the after affects of Kambo, but my words just seem so inadequate. It is one of those things that just has to be experienced to be fully understood. Of course, each person will have their own personal experience. For me, my life will never be the same. I will be going to Gdansk, Poland in July, for 14 days of intensive training as a Kambo practitioner. Yes, it was love at first kiss. I don’t know where this journey will lead me but for now, I am open to all possibilities and attached to none.
Ginny Rutherford

Healer / Mystic, Kambo Kiss

Do you try to maintain a perfect exterior while things are amiss “under the hood”?

Do you feel deep shame, guilt, embarrassment when you get things “wrong”, and these feelings stop you from achieving your deepest desires because you are afraid to be vulnerable? Afraid you might show some faults to the world, and try to keep them neatly buttoned down and safely in your closet? Kambo can change this for you, as it did for me. Are your memories of vomiting associated with shame filled nights which were the result of a series of bad decisions? And vomiting with an audience – making those awful sounds, those ugly screwy faces when your insides tell you who’s boss and the involuntary reaction of vomiting occurs? A few burns in the skin that may or may not last forever, these are mere trivialities to the wise medicine of Kambo. Kambo shifted these fears for me. Not only am I able to fearlessly “purge” – a nice way of calling it – into a bucket with an audience, but I am stronger, clearer-headed, and closely-aligned to my inner guidance system. Day 1 was just the start. “Drinking water, I’m so good at that,” I thought to myself, and was immediately humbled when I had a hard time stomaching the recommended two liters of water. “I feel called to this, so this will be smooth and easy!” I thought as I approached Simon for the application of the Kambo. Again I was humbled, as my whole body began to tremble uncontrollably. It’s exactly this trembling that has stopped me from being the vocalist I’ve always desired to be. It’s hard to carry a note when your whole body is convulsing! Kambo forced me to face this trembling, and began the route to healing this seemingly involuntary reaction. The reaction that happens every time I’ve tried to step up to what I really desire in life. I got over my fears of being “imperfect” in public – which was a huge stumbling block to me in life overall and in the achievement of my goals.  When you are throwing up into a bucket with an audience (you can tell I had a thing about being imperfect in front of an audience!), with the healing nature of Kambo on your side, you have an opportunity to easily face and heal what’s in front of you. I got my intention on Day 1 of the cleanse. From there, I was able to go deeper and deeper the following two days. Deeper, with more specificity, and deeper in connecting with my personal source of calm. Simon is a calm, centered, wise, CLEAR sage in facilitating the Kambo journey. After Day 1, I was clear and able to access a state of FLOW quickly and easily, at will. We were encouraged to relax in the afternoon following our Kambo sessions, giving space for the Kambo and its insights to bloom, but I felt called to WORK. I was able to complete and finish projects that I would have otherwise labored over, designing the perfect visuals with ease and designing a business operations system quickly. My mind was able to see and examine every important facet of my client’s business, and quickly assign the smoothest path of execution. As a designer and business strategist, I’ve flirted with the flow state and know the best work comes when in flow. After Kambo Day 1, I felt able to call the flow state at will. I know that I can tap into this state of flow for any area of my life I desire to create results, whether in business strategy and design, or to back more daring creative, artistic, and musical endeavors. I highly highly recommend doing the three days in a row. There is a seriousness that gets stamped into your consciousness when you step up to the full three days, when you show up for yourself so powerfully and the magic of Kambo comes up to meet you. Each day I deepened my calm and fortified my connection to that still, quiet voice that I know is my intuition. To me, healing work is only as good as the results you are able to create in the world. I’ve spent time swirling around various healing modalities, and while I know they worked and they helped, Kambo helped to solidify the disparate edges of healing into a foundation onto which I can build. Be Warned: you may find, as I have, that things you tolerated in the past are now non-negotiable. There may be things in your life that have to change – tolerances that have to go, additions that have to be made. But be grateful for these changes! Change is not always fun, but when the path glows so brightly before you, why would you NOT change? Thank you Simon for a warm, safe, encouraging space that allowed me to face the fears I didn’t know I needed faced. Thank you Kambo for your smart, smart medicine. It’s true, I got exactly what I needed – beyond what my mind could consciously conceive, and into that space in which hindsight is 20/20 (– “Ah yes, I did need to heal ___ didn’t I?!”) If you feel called to do this, I encourage you to do it. I feel physically more connected to a higher vibration. I know that my mind is working more clearly. I can conjure a flow state at will. What’s not to love about that?

Cynthia Lou

Designer and Business Strategist, Cynthia Lou

I was feeling helpless and confused.

Before Kambo my mind had been a bit off, I was angry, lacked compassion, felt depressed for no reason, and was generally frustrated with humans. My first time with Kambo. When I was asked to set an intention all I could think of was love, more self love and more love for everything in the world is what I felt I truly needed. After having six holes burned into by skin that looked like a domino (it really sounds far worse than it is) the Kambo was applied. I returned to my spot with my new friend the bucket, my pillow and a sleeping bag. I sat there for a few minutes or seconds, as while this went on I had lost all concept of time. Instantly an ear issue I’d been dealing with seemed to dry up. Then my heart began to pound in my chest like nothing I’d ever felt before, it was a little scary, and I thought “Oh, Katy what have you done now”. The second physical effect was heat through my body to the point I began to sweat, it was uncomfortable and yet just beginning. This is when I began to purge, at first it was a bad feeling then I started to feel better. This wave of heart pounding, heat and purging continued just a few times, maybe three total, not so bad. Side note, bile sort of taste sweet L After that I became so cold and uncomfortable I did everything I could just to find a position that felt comforting to my body. Then I fell asleep for I have no idea how long. When I awoke there was a yummy cup of tea set out for me to drink. Things seemed very clear and I was super relaxed, which is so the opposite of me. Its like everything inside of me was still. My face was swollen, who needs collagen with lips like these, and my throat felt like something was stuck in it, not terrible but I had a tough time finally coming to the conclusion it must have been my uvula was swollen, lol. Second time was amazing. I was accompanied by the love of my life Will and our friend Jason. It had been a couple of weeks since my initial session and I was excited to see where the Kambo would do more work in my body. Again I had six spots burned just below the little domino from before. Once the Kambo was applied, I sat in my little nest and immediately started to purge. Everything happened much quicker than the time before and I felt like maybe I should have had more water before we got started. DRINK YOUR WATER. The sequence of events were pretty much the same, heart, heat, purge, freezing cold, find comfort, fell asleep. After the second session I felt amazing, happy, and ready to hug the whole world. Third times a charm? After my second session Simon suggested I get three sessions in one moon cycle he had a spot available if I was interested. It was considered an inoculation and I felt that would be a good thing for me. My third session with Kambo was the hardest and I had a lot of feelings come up. Being in crowded places was a little uncomfortable, its like I needed to just sit with myself and be still. These feeling lasted about a week and then I was back to feeling great. As I’m writing this it has been over 10 weeks since my first session. I’m still feeling very connected to nature. Have not experienced the chronic back pain, which I think was related to a kidney issue, although I do have disc problems from the past. With many people around me getting sick, I still feel very well and no signs of a cold or flu. My self loathing has yet to return, and thoughts of suicide, fingers crossed it is a thing of the past. Its been hard for me to explain what Kambo was for me. I understand to most people it seems crazy but to me I feel like it has opened my heart and mind, its something I wish everyone would be called to for healing. On a closing note I just want to add that I’ve seen progress with meditation, clean eating, exercise and supplementation but Kambo really brought energetic balance back into my life. I’ll be doing this again as needed and sending much gratitude for the gifts of Kambo.

Katy Rickman

USA Weightlifting American Masters, Karma Crossfit

Kambo has been the best choice I have ever made in my life.

Making the decision to receive Kambo wasn’t out of curiosity, or because I wanted to feel better, I had literally ran out of options.   My life had shattered right in front of my eyes and nothing I was doing or being was working.  My relationships were in a rut, my physical health was declining, I felt emotionally completely drained and exhausted.  I was exhausted to play the role of being “strong” and surviving the hardships of life. At 42 years old I lost the person I thought was going to be my life partner, my finances started to go down the drain, I had no energy and woke up every morning with tears of deep grief, sadness and frustration.  I was done with working so freaking hard to make my life work and no matter how hard I worked nothing seemed to change. When I heard about Kambo I was instantly drawn to it. It was as if a voiceless voice kept telling me to try it and surrender to the wisdom of the medicine.  So I did, on December of 2014 I flew from Maryland to Topanga Canyon, California to meet with Simon Scott and receive the Kambo medicine.  Simon showed much compassion, deep listening and I felt very much held by his presence. The first day was the most physically intense, just a minute or two after Simon placed the Kambo on my skin my face became incredibly hot, I felt my throat swelling and later my whole body felt as if I was a frog myself. I felt sick like I was having the flu. I then purged this yellow bile and pretty much rested the whole day after that. The second day felt milder and my body was adjusting to it so it wasn’t as intense as the first time. I still purged and slept for about an hour after that. When I woke I noticed this energetic opening around my heart area. I felt grounded and more clear. I went to a local cafe and felt I wanted to openly introduce myself to the people that were sitting next to me. As I was talking to this lovely lady at the cafe I was noticing a subtle inner clarity and quiet joy that I haven’t felt in a long time. The third day after the cleansing I felt like super woman. It took me a few hours to realize my body felt so incredibly strong. Just to give an analogy, if you have ever seen the movie Spider Man, when he gets bitten by the spider and his DNA mixes with the Spider’s DNA that is how it felt for me. It felt my whole body was transforming in a very positive way. I felt so strong and grounded. On my way back to Maryland this feeling of strength and clarity kept increasing. Holy crap I kept thinking, to myself is this going to last or this will be just something I feel for a day or two and then come back to my old self?  My friends a week and a half past and the feeling of inner joy, clarity and strength keeps getting stronger not weaker. I feel so much more in touch with my intuitive guidance than ever before and I feel guided by a deeper inner force to make wiser and better choices with everything I do in my life. Kambo has been the best choice I have ever made in my life.

Laura Loterszpil

Acupuncturist / Yoga Teacher

I highly recommend doing Kambo with Simon.

Simon is awesome and really KNOWS the Kambo WELL! Thanks Simon for my healing with you and Kambo!

Lesley Myburgh

Medicine Carrier

My life feels much more peaceful. Thank you!.

Thank you for all of your help and support, and also for your teaching, your sharing and your intuitive guidance. Since returning from my 3 days doing Kambo I have felt peace when I wake up in the mornings for the first time in a long time. I also feel detached from my previous relationship. I still love him and wish the best for him, but I don’t feel the need or longing to be back with him any more. I am ready to move on. I shared with you that my house sold and I don’t know where I’m going. Before coming to California I was very restless and anxious about not having a place. I still don’t have a place, but I am at peace with it. I know the right place will show up.  These things all seem very subtle, but the are actually all a very big deal to me. My life feels much more peaceful. Thank you!

Lynee Tourdot

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