The best thing about

Kambo frog medicine is you!

I am forever grateful to the souls that choose to work with Kambo frog medicine.


Each person is called to work with Kambo frog poison for different reasons, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual.

The common theme to all of these people is undoubtedly their desire to heal and their courage.

Courage at its root means denoting the heart and Kambo is a heart medicine.

Kambo brings us into our hearts where we can see ourselves, our lives and other people more clearly.

After reading these Kambo experiences, please check out our extended Kambo testimonials.


A beautiful and deep experience.

I’m so grateful to had the opportunity to try this miracle medicine that Kambo is.  My thoughts and intentions are clear and positives.  I find myself more confident, happy, energetic and powerful.  It’s like believing in myself again without carrying all my old fears and doubts…

A big thank you to Simon for his great support and understanding during this unforgettable 3 days ceremony.  I definitely recommend this beautiful Kambo experience.  Your soul will thanks you forever 🙂


To say Kambo has improved my health would be an understatement.

Kambo is a life transforming miracle! After years of struggle with my health, no amount of diet, herbs or fasting has completely cured my symptoms… until Kambo! My intuition led me to Simon, who greeted me with a warm hug and introduced me to the frog medicine for the first time. I immediately felt drastic improvements and knew this was the medicine I was searching for. I knew I had to explore deeper. So I began to practice with Kambo at home. The frog medicine is now a part of my life. It has been 1 year and my most plaguing and persistent symptoms have completely cleared. The “panema” of addiction, skin issues, viral infections, brain fog, self doubt, lack of motivation, shame, anxiety and depression have all been lifted. It’s a miracle. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I have my “fire” back and I feel much more confident and assertive, driven and motivated. I have tons of energy, passion and clear focused direction in life. I can feel the fire in my body all the time now fueling my strength and creativity. My prayers have been answered and faith in alternative medicine has been restored. Nothing is holding me back anymore and my future is clear and bright again. Simon has found his calling working with the frog medicine and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your passion with me! I can not recommend his services enough!

Stephanie Meyer

I’ve gained some new understandings of old facts.

I want to say thank you for creating such a beautiful SAFE space for us to do our work. You have a natural gift and energy that allows people to feel comfortable, safe and not judged. I wasn’t expecting to talk about myself at all! That is something I hate doing. When you started asking me questions, everything in my heart just poured out.

I’m going to continue to be quiet, do my work and listen to myself. I’ve gained some new understandings of old facts. And the take away from ALL of this is– I’m OKAY!! I don’t NEED constant “comforting” by food or whatever. I’m OKAY.

I really enjoyed working with Sananga. Next time, I would like to try the stronger one! It was fun trying to move and envision the burning energy in my eyes into little Thai iced tea waterfalls that removed the sting 🙂 It worked 🙂

Thank you again and be well 🙂


Carla Giglio

The spirit of life is reignited within me.

My childhood years were extremely unstable. No reliable safety net to develop on an emotional level. Entering adulthood, I was fractured, confused, scared, angry, lost, and exhibiting all the signs of PTSD. That was my internal world.

From all outward appearances, I seemed to have my s#%t together. I was extremely loyal, hard working, excelling and promoted within multiple professions over a couple of decades. I had everyone fooled, except my wife, whom suffered along with me. On the inside, a daily internal struggle ensued, anguish & suffering was the cross I bared. This culminated into a severe nervous breakdown.

I’ve clawed my way back, and my journey continues. I sought out over two years of assistance with a psychotherapist. Desperate for healing, I’ve also used a prescribed SSRI & received Ketamine infusion therapy. Both provided remarkable, yet temporary relief from my symptoms. Desperate to save my life, I traveled to British Columbia to partake in a sacred tribal African Iboga ceremony. The impact of this experience was life changing. Truly, a magical, healing, plant based medicine that I now have a profound respect for. I heard several people within that sacred ceremonial circle speak of and recommend Kambo, which I had not heard of prior.

That recommendation led me to Simon. Kambo, Sananga & Rapé have accelerated my healing, aiding in my continued self discovery. I’m continuing to realign with my higher self, and purpose. It feels amazing. I feel amazing! Joy, Love, Laughter, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Curiosity are the keystones by which my internal compass is guiding me towards. Yes, there are still challenges in my life, and things I’m continuing to work through & grow in to. There is still some anger, frustration and hurt. I’m currently using Sananga & Rape’ on a weekly basis to aid in my integration.

Simon is a kind, intuitive, gentle soul. Called to help others find their own path to healing. Healing of the mind, body & soul. The spirit of life is reignited within me. May everyone’s flame burn bright!

Thank you, Simon.

Thank you, sacred Frog

Thank you, tribal medicine

Gene Holden

Life stress was lifted off my shoulders. Kambo Cleanse was a life transformational experience.  

Simon, after working with Kambo and Sananga, I have much more clarity and a quieter mind. I feel lighter than ever as if all the weight from life stress that I’ve been carrying my whole life was lifted off my shoulders. Meditation has always been difficult for me because of my busy mind. The knowledge you shared about being the observer (on my thoughts) taught me how to let those busy thoughts simply pass by. I am truly grateful for your mentorship and for my Kambo Cleanse. – Cathy Galang

My first Kambo Cleanse was a life transformational experience. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have crossed paths with you. Your spiritual energy was heartfelt the moment we walked in the door, which instantly washed away the sense of doubt and allowed comfort to flow into the moment for optimal receptiveness to the medicine. The therapeutic discussions with us individually prior to each session was a bonding connection felt deep within my soul. Receiving Sananga eyedrops while listening to spiritual words of wisdom from awakened masters helped clear our minds in preparation for the Kambo commencement. Although Kambo was the main subject of our cleansing, all the supporting elements that you incorporated into our 3-day inoculation made the experience truly remarkable. And to top it off, having our Kambo Cleanse in beautiful Sedona, intensified our transformative experience. The mental clarity that Kambo gifted has strengthened my intuition to helped me to pave my life path. Thank you so much and until we meet again.  Namaste. – Mike Christiansen

Mike and Cathy

I am so grateful.

Simon holds space with a very mindful and gentle approach that, when combined with the divine Kambo treatment, create a serene environment for healing. Simon’s words and intuition are just as much a medicine as the Kambo is, I can see why my spirit led me to working with him.

Tiffany Bell

My intuition and intentions have become clear.

My decision to try Kambo occurred after a series of synchronicities, dreams, and ultimately a desire to heal to sign up for the trip to Sedona with Simon as my facilitator.

My primary intention for the medicine was that I was able to get help in cultivating true forgiveness and healing candida. I believe that these aspects are both deeply interconnected for me, and from what I’d read about Kambo it just sounded like a wonderful tool to establish a relationship with and remove my own blocks to health.

During each session with Simon, I have to say that any/all fears were completely dispelled as he was able to establish and facilitate a wonderful space for every person in my group. I felt like this was exactly what I needed and that the medicine’s effects were definitely tuned into my personal intentions. The entire experience feels like the beginning of a journey to getting to know this medicine more deeply, and I have such gratitude for Simon for being another facilitator and wholly knowledgeable guide on this journey toward healing.

I am going back for a second inoculation and feel called to continue my relationship with Kambo for some time.  I definitely feel the spirit of this medicine has opened its doors to me and I couldn’t be more thankful 🙂

Serena Misquez

I feel a renewed sense of hope and optimism.  

I feel grateful that I was lead to Kambo and that I made the decision to participate in a 3-day Kambo Cleanse.  Simon is a wonderful guide, he creates a safe place, is there to support, but also gave me the space required to stay tuned into my own process.

After participating in this cleanse I feel a renewed sense of hope and optimism about my life moving forward. I am seeing many mental limitations fall away and new possibilities opening before me. I also feel that I have a new kindness towards myself that has been birthed out of this experience.

The best part is that I know this is just the beginning, much more to come!


Woke up this morning thinking about you.

Me and my children are living in Asheville NC where I am pursuing my doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine!

It’s very intense. Anyway, I just felt so much gratitude to you this morning for all the healing you have facilitated for me through the years and for your integrity and heart.

I have sat with many Kambo practitioners but the healing I receive when working with you always gets to the heart of the matter.

Thank you so much and I pray those blessings return to you a thousand fold. Hope you are well and that our paths cross again some day 🦋🙏🏽🌎

Uma Goodman

At a time when I was feeling most desperate for relief.

I prayed to the Universe for help and was given a connection to Simon.  I was terrified to go, to plan the trip, and to even send a “yes” confirmation. I knew that I had to accept this calling.

It was an emotional roller coaster for me, the whole trip. I passed from homesick through excited, scared, elated, stressed, relaxed, depressed, happy. Travelling to a new land for me, and doing this outlandish thing by myself helped give me more confidence, and appreciation for the world outside my bubble.

The ceremony Simon holds is so peaceful. The other participants were very kind and relaxed. It was all like minded people willing to try whatever it takes to heal themselves.

I’m generally not a people person, but it was really cool to quietly cheer each on, and share our experiences.

All the while Simon is a figure of quiet confidence.  He really guides you, but also allows you the space to do your work, thus ensuring you get the most out of the experience.

Stacey Blanchard

My intuition and intentions have become clear.

I was reintroduced to Kambo by my wife, and although I had known of Kambo for years I felt that now was the right time for this experience. I’ve been on a path of self-discovery for the last few years and the process had introduced a lot of challenges and truths about who and what I had convinced my self to be.  I arrived at Simons with a simple intention to be open to the experience and open to what I could gain from the medicine.

We started each session with Sananga drops which I felt were a crucial introduction to the ceremony. Although the drops can be difficult for your eyes to accept at first. They quickly redirected my wandering thoughts to focus only on what I was feeling. Totally in the present moment. There is no place your mind can go once these drops enter your eyes. Sananga instantly activated my heart and throat Chakras. After one minute or so I was able to direct my focus back to my breathing and fell into a deep deep meditative state. When I awoke I felt completely relaxed and noticed a huge emotional release had happened during the process.

Upon receiving my first two points of Kambo, within 10-20 seconds I could feel the Kambo merging with my system and the weight of my body begin to release from itself. My thoughts and focus were quickly transformed from the outside physical world and instantly redirected fully into an awareness of my inner Being. A sense of weightless, calmness and clarity quickly became the focus of my Being. Although I could still feel my physical body breathing and functioning, my Being was weightless, as if it were floating in a womb.

While you are in this calm state the Kambo is slowly processing and cleansing out your body from toxins which depending on your diet and lifestyle will definitely make themselves noticeable. This is the tough part of the ceremony but a crucial part of the process. My advice is to offer zero resistance and allow the Kambo to fully cleanse your body.

By the second and third session, I was able to really give in to the Kambo and able to manage and direct my emotions and intentions towards visualizing what my physical reality would look like from this point on.

It has been 3 weeks since my ceremony, and I am still very much aware that the Kambo is active in my being. My emotions have made themselves obvious and harder to ignore. My intuition and intentions have become clear and I have gained a stronger awareness and compassion for my Being. The one we ignore most of our lives. I’ve continued using the Sananga drops which have become a great medicine for my vision but also a ritual for emotional cleansing and deep meditation.

I am extremely grateful for the awakening Kambo has offered and I am looking forward to reconnecting with Kambo again in the near future.

Julio Garcia

Kambo gave me a chance to start fresh and make a positive change.

My first Kambo session knocked me out – literally, I passed out briefly – but it also cleansed my liver and helped me heal a long-term toxic relationship with alcohol. A month after my first Kambo session with Simon, I decided to stop drinking and did so for two years. While I knew it likely wouldn’t be a forever thing, my relationship with alcohol and other substances is forever changed, and the break that my first experience with Kambo helped me to take gave me a chance to reassess my priorities and learn better self-control.

I have since received Kambo two more times, each a different experience from the last. It helped me gain back some of my sense of smell after it disappeared for several years, and helped me recover from a two-week long fever. No matter the outcome, I know I’m in the best care possible with Simon. He holds space so that you’re able to fully submit yourself to the medicine, sit presently through discomfort, and allow it to cleanse whatever needs to go.

I am confident in Simon’s growing knowledge and continuous training, and I trust him completely with my safety. He goes out of his way to ensure that he only works with ethical tribes who treat the frogs with care, and this set of ethics is reflected in how he treats his clients. He is passionate, generous, and well informed, and above all he genuinely wants to help people help themselves. I recommend Kambo to all of my friends and anyone who is open to trying something new to promote internal healing and further their growth. It is a truly powerful medicine and I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to receive it.

Olivia Shove

I decided to try Kambo to help treat my Lyme disease.

It’s been less than a month and I am already seeing positive results: improved energy and stamina, improved flexibility, and less pain. I am living a fuller life again!! This is a gift that I will be eternally grateful for. In addition to the Lyme, I’ve also been diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis. A lab test taken last week indicates that there might be some true thyroid healing taking place. After 4 years on thyroid meds, this healing seems miraculous to me. It is a true testament to the efficacy of Kambo on a physical level. I am also using rapé, Sananga and occasional Ayahuasca for my healing journey.

I decided to entrust myself to Simon for my first Kambo experience. I am so glad I did. Kambo is not easy, but with highly experienced practitioner like Simon, it is a safe and healing experience. Definitely worth the time and travel to seek out healing with Simon and Kambo.

Denise Toledo

I have come to realize my relationship is over, and I deserve so much more.

Thank you again for inviting me into your home and helping me release my emotional baggage with Kambo.  I now feel freer. I have been using your Anemone tuberosa tincture daily and it really helps to quieten my mind.

I went to North Carolina with my boyfriend and one night while sitting by the fire, playing music, a rush of childhood memories came flooding in and I cried uncontrollably.  It wasn’t a sad cry like in the past.  I acknowledged it and released it and it felt amazing.  Funny thing is I can’t remember the thoughts or the music.

I have come to realize that my relationship is over, and I deserve so much more. I feel stronger and I know the best is yet to come.
The visual of your place and your calming eyes keeps me at peace.

May you continue to be blessed and to help others.

Love, Carol

Carol Lahoda

Thank you again for an amazing Kambo experience.

I am doing really well and took everything that you said to heart. I am noticing that I am more compassionate to others, less emotionally reactive, and the sorrow/depression/heaviness has lifted.

I am using the Anenome Tuberosa that you recommended and is helping. The anxiety is there, but if before it was an 8, it’s like a 4 now. I find I am more loving to others and myself. I take the Sananga drops every night with intention, it is really grounding. I can’t believe how far I have come with them!

Thank you again! I really appreciate the time you took to sit with each of us and to hold space for us as we did our Kambo. I felt really supported knowing that you were really by our sides and with us every step of the way.


Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I think of what Kambo has given me; a brand new chance at life!

I am so grateful to the Kambo gods for bringing us together!!

Since returning, I’m well into my third week of double workout days, and this is after 15 years of suffering from Lyme disease, bedridden and depressed, too much in pain to think any thoughts at all-but the darkness that such a life brings.

It’s quite something to have Kambo begin my healing two years ago, from wheelchair to walking, and relatively no pain, but as of our meeting it’s quite another miracle to be jogging and circuit training daily like I was never sick or given six months to live!

Catherine Back

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